Welcome to the Website for Saint Wenceslaus Parish

Saint Wenceslaus Parish

205 N. Lidice Street

Tabor, South Dakota 57063


Pastor: Rev. Mark Lichter

Kathy Auch--Secretary in on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday Cell: 660-3420 email: stwenceslaus@hcinet.net

Steve Bares--Bookkeeper and Cemetery Sexton in on Wednesdays

Religious Education Directors

Director of Religious Education - Lisa Hauck 760-0057 drestw@hcinet.net

Asst. Direct of Religious Education - Grace Zimmerman 661-7925


Sunday Mass--Saturdays at 5:00 pm and Sundays at 10:30 am

Daily Mass--Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday at 8:30 am and Wednesday at 5:30 pm

Confessions--Wednesdays from 5:00-5:25 pm, Saturday from 4:00-4:45 pm and Sunday from 10:15-10:25 am

Baptism--please speak with the pastor about scheduling a baptism for your child

Marriage--please speak with the pastor 6 months in advance of the intended marriage date.

Anointing of the Sick--Please call the parish office at 605-463-2336

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Welcome to the website for Saint Wenceslaus Parish. My name is Rev. Mark Lichter and I have been the pastor of Saint Wenceslaus and Saint John the Baptist Parishes since July 1st, 2020. We belong to the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls under the direction of the Most Rev. Donald E. DeGrood. May God bless you and continue to guide, guard, and protect you and your families. Saint Wenceslaus, pray for us!