Building the Kingdom
Our Connected Curriculum

2019-21 Building the Kingdom Highlights

Building the Kingdom - our Curriculum

"So God created mankind in his image, in the image of God he created them, " (Genesis 1:27)

Building the Kingdom is a highly ambitious curriculum aimed at challenging every one of our children to discover an authentic love of learning for life.

At St Vincent’s we strive to ensure that each one of our children, as they grow and develop through our school, will come to realise their true ‘giftedness’ as unique human beings, made in God’s image, with a voice for social justice that needs to be heard in the world. Through our inclusive curriculum where every child identifies themselves as part of the journey, we aim to encourage dialogue, discussion and debate with all our children, staff and parents, prompted by our Catholic Social Teaching themes

A connected curriculum was introduced across the school in September 2016. There is a 2 year cycle in EYFS and a 4 year cycle in KS1 and KS2. We are currently on Year A in EYFS and Year C in KS1 and 2

Our curriculum continues to be based upon:

  • ‘Irresistible learning’ - the provision of a breadth of opportunities; a creative and highly challenging curriculum, with key skills at the core, enriched by educational visits and experiences.

  • Creating learning experiences which bring together all the areas of the curriculum, and present these in topics which are designed in partnership with the children, which are fun, exciting, relevant and engaging

  • Delivering a curriculum that provides highly positive, memorable experiences and rich opportunities for high quality learning; has a very positive impact on all pupils’ behaviour and safety; and contributes very well to pupils’ achievement and to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

  • Developing children’s confidence and expressive skills through a curriculum which supports the arts at its heart and encourages our pupils to express themselves through a wide and diverse range of artistic media.

  • The curriculum is enriched through the creative use of ICT and current technology

  • We offer a variety of extra-curricular activities to channel the personal development of individual pupils, including a range of sport, music, drama and art.

  • The teaching of Reading and Maths has a clear structure and is developed systematically throughout the school, starting with a structued and ambitious Early Reading and Phonics programme

If you would like to know more about our curriculum, please do not hesitate to make an enquiry through the school office