Sturgeon Teachers

ATA Local No. 27

Sturgeon ATA Local No. 27 advocates on behalf of Sturgeon teachers and students to provide the best education possible.

NEWS & Updates

Specialist conferences for 2020-2021

Fall 2020

December 5 –Fine Arts Council

Spring 2021

February 25 26 –Teachers’ Convention – Greater Edmonton

March 4 5 –Teachers’ Convention – Mighty Peace

12 14 –Educational Technology Council

12 14 – Religious and Moral Education Council

14 17 –Council for School Leadership uLead

19 21 –English as a Second Language Council

26 28 –Beginning of Spring Break (Calgary Public/Edmonton Public/Separate)

April 2 –Good Friday

2 4 –Beginning of Spring Break (Calgary Separate)

–End of Spring Break (Calgary Public/Edmonton Public/Separate)

9 11 –End of Spring Break (Calgary Separate)

9 11 –Alberta School Learning Commons Council

9 11 –Global, Environmental & Outdoor Education Council

23 25 –Early Childhood Education Council

23 25 –Middle Years Council

30 – 05 02 –Health and Physical Education Council

30 – 05 02 –English Language Arts Council

May 10 –Mother’s Day

21 24 –Victoria Day Weekend

22 24 –ATA Annual Representative Assembly, Calgary

**Joint Conference (CIE/FNMIEC) has been rescheduled to 2021 10 15–17

Note: Dates indicated refer to the weekend of and include Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is a general reference only for the purpose of scheduling, realizing most conferences start on Thursday evening and go through to Saturday. Please confirm Spring Break dates with your school jurisdiction. Dates may not be finalized when this document is printed.

Federal money allocation to Schools

Please see this attachment for the list of federal money allocated to school divisions.

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