Cast to Desktop


1) On your chromebook click on the the three dots on the top left corner (settings) and click CAST.

2) Look for your computer name that ends with your room number.

3) If you don't see your computer name/room number you need Airserver.

4) Minimize all programs and look for Application catalog on your desktop

5) Install Airserver and go back to step 1.


1) on your desktop computer open chrome and search for "cast for education" this is and extention that acts as a reciever for Chromebooks to connect to.

2) once downloaded you name your computer "Annette's Desktop"

Answer the other questions

I dont think you have to list yourself in "who can cast section"

3) go to your chromebook and open Chrome

4) click on the three dots in the top right hand corner

5) click CAST

That's it, When you are done you can click the three Dots and then click CAST and STOP.