Fishermen's Future

Seven years ago, New Jersey was poised to build the nation's first offshore wind-farm. Today the Fishermen's Atlantic City Windfarm seems dead: its operations suspended, its employees let go, its offices closed.

Yet with New Jersey's election of a new Democratic governor, developers see new possibilities for wind energy in New Jersey.

And in a recent interview, Fishermen's Energy COO Paul Gallagher admitted: "I do think this project will get built by somebody someday, but I’m just less optimistic today that it will be us that builds it. The bottom line is we’ll either sell it or, maybe in the next administration, revive it.”


To the left, you'll find a series of reports on Fishermen's Energy prepared by Sophomore Engineering students at Rowan University in Glassboro. The reports consider different aspects of the project, study its past, and offer ideas about its potential future. Along with the reports, each individual student has prepared a White Paper that advances that student's vision for the future of the company and for wind energy in New Jersey.

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