Math 8

Mrs. Yarc

Welcome to Mrs. Yarc’s 8th Grade Math Site. I have designed this site to be a place you can go to for any questions you may have regarding my class. I hope this site will strengthen the connection between home and school. Some resources you will find on this site are:

  • Classroom Policies and Expectations: This will include all the material I go over with students at the beginning of the year. It can be overwhelming for students and parents at the beginning of the school year, so feel free to review this material as the year gets underway.
  • Assignments/Calendar: This section will include our calendar of events with detailed assignments.
  • Student Center: Students will have links to our online resources (such as online textbook). This section will have other documents we use throughout the school year that they may lose or need extra copies of. You will find any worksheets, notes, study guides, or other media used in class.
  • About Mrs. Yarc: This section will include information to help build a relationship between teacher and parents.