GRPS Schoology Parent Access

GRPS real time grades for secondary students (grades 6-12, 7-12 Montessori) are now visible any time in Schoology. Directions for access are below:

To access your student grades in Schoology you will be creating your own personal account in Schoology just like you would any other website or mobile app (like instagram, banking or other apps). GRPS cannot view, manage or reset your username or password once you set them up - this is private to you and Schoology.

  1. Contact your student's teacher, building secretary or principal to get your students unique "Parent Access Code". This will be a 12 digit code that can be numbers or capital letters or combination of both EXAMPLE: AB12-CD34-EF56

  2. Once you have a student access code, access Schoology:

        • on computer by opening a web browser and navigating to

        • on a mobile device by navigating to the appropriate app store below and downloading the Schoology mobile app:

Download Schoology Mobile Apps HERE:


1.Once you are www., click "Sign Up, and click "parent"

2. enter your child's unique access code in the "access code" field and click "continue"


  1. Download the app from the app store

  2. Tap Sign Up for Schoology at the very bottom.

  3. Select Parent.

  4. Enter the access code provided by your child's instructor and click Continue.

  5. Enter your First and Last Name, an email address or username, and a password for your account.

  6. Check the box to agree to Schoology's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

  7. Tap Register to complete.

You now have access to your student's classes, assignments, grades and teacher communication! For more detailed app directions, visit the links below!

Getting Started on Schoology for Parents - WORD.docx