Rossview High School

National Honor Society


President- Rebecca Williams

Vice President- Erin Merriman

Secretary- Ashley Urbat

Club Sponsors: Jeannie Bowman and Valerie Meadows

ALL Rossview High School National Honor Society Members must meet the following requirements to qualify for both induction and continued NHS membership:

  1. SCHOLARSHIP: Rounded 93% or higher cumulative average; No semester grade lower than 85%; Overall GPA of 3.5 or higher; At least 2 honors courses each year for Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years (may be Honors/AP/Dual in any subject)

  2. CHARACTER: No Honor code violations allowed and no more than one discipline referral allowed (may only involve one cell phone or one tardy without incident). You may not be truant; no more than 18 unexcused absences/year allowed. Please provide an original personal mission statement before induction.

  3. LEADERSHIP: Must be currently and actively involved in a minimum of 2 school sponsored clubs, or 1 school sponsored club and 1 school sponsored sport (required participation in the club/sport during the 2019-2020 school year).

  4. SERVICE: a) 2 Year members (Inducted as Juniors) - 25 hours of service.

b) 1 Year members (Inducted as Seniors) - Seniors-10 hours of service.

*This can be any combination of school or community service. Service hours are valid only when earned after induction.