- gfxcards (2021)

Created Python program using Selenium, Tk, and other python libraries to scrape and display the latest Amazon prices for the latest generation NVIDIA and AMD Video Cards.

OpenVINO Benchmarking (2021)

Using both the Synchronous and Asynchronous API and Model Optimization and leveraging the GPU - compared performance of 10th versus 11th Gen (Intel HD vs. Intel Xe Graphics) over serveral benchmarks

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Application Device Queues (ADQ) Testing (2020)

Testing Intel's Columbiaville 800-Series Network Cards breakthrough feature known as Application Device Queues (ADQ). Tasked with a team to come up with the testing methodology, configuration, and collected final data for both Intel Wolf Pass Servers and AMD Epyc Platform. Data collected was premered for Intel's Interconnect Day - April 2019 and is considered an overwhelming win for Intel. Tested Aerospike, Memcashed, and Redis workloads.

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Personal (2019)

WSU Vancouver - Assignments (2016-2018)

Google Play Store - Mesatrek (2014)

Black Dice - RPG Dice Roller

An application which simulated various dice rolls including custom die rolls developed in the B4A environment. Adding additional functionality with long and short clicks and changing layout based on orientation changes.

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Magic the Gathering: Calculator

Android app developed in the B4A environment for allowing the player to keep track of the health and poison points during a Magic: The Gathering Game.

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TeXT Turf - GPS via SMS

Android app developed with MIT App Inventor 2 which shared GPS locations with other users. Before deployment, application needed to be decrypted with AndroidManifest.xml to be modified. Documentation about those modifications can be found here.

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