Software Designer & Developer

Completed my Associates of Science in Computer Science at Clark College and a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science Washington State University (WSU) at the Vancouver, Washington campus. During my academic career, I've strengthened high and low-level understanding of Algorithms, Data Structures and SQL Databases. At my last year at Washington State University, I conducted research into Google's Tensorflow.

Java, Python, and C are my typical weapons of choice for solving problems, but adapting to new programming paradigms allows me to stretch and learn new concepts. I'm always tinkering with compile tools and operating systems to improve performance and learn new techniques which will hone my abilities on the field.

Current Research

Fieldwork and augmenting my skill set with online coursework on Udemy. Learning through firsthand experience to understand theory, developing underused skills, integrating new knowledge, develop meaning and understanding as well as working with peers. Setting clear goals, group participation, and assessing the progress towards those goals on a daily basis.

Future Research

Low Thermal Design Power (TDP) System on Chip (SoC) multi core processors designed by Qualcomm, Samsung, AMD and Intel transforms the technological landscape from what was once the impossible to the possible: Energy efficient powerful processing in tiny form factors with long battery life with little to no consideration of cooling.

Low TDP SoC processors are crucial for the development of next generation portable electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, DSLR/Mirrorless Cameras and Smart TVs; Higher processing power with extremely long battery life. TDP SoC processors enable the creation of newer cutting edge technologies like Wearables, Smart Appliances, Low Power Server Clusters and Single-Board Computers. (Arduino, NUCs, Compute Stick and Raspberry Pi) With the lower costs and the higher consumer use of these processors, Low TDP SoC Processors have proved to be the new hardware platform in high demand.


Washington State University - Vancouver, Washington
Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science
Clark College - Vancouver, Washington
AST2 Degree in Computer Science