Welcome to Crafting Cards & Courage!

Welcome to CCC Meghana (VP), Riley, (Secretary), Olivia (Secretary), Sang (Publicity), Ashley (Historian), Aditi, Annabelle, Taylor, Ellison, Kensley, Krish, Izzy, Lilly, Bryson, Angelica, Lindsey, Aydan, Tyler, Megan, and Sanjana!

What we're up to today!

We meet on the first Thursday of each month from 3:05-3:50.

Our final meeting will be in E111 at 3:05 on May 5th. Come stop by to meet our new Co Presidents for next year and be sure to bring in your cards to drop off!


Need ideas? Start here!

Check your Card Kit sheet to see everything you should include and what to avoid. Aside from some sort of decoration on the cover, cheerful message on the inside, signing your name + the club, and the addition of your personal blurb you truly can't mess it up!

This is where our cards go! White Oak of Waxhaw residents love receiving our cards, click the link to learn more about them.

Cards are collected at school and I deliver them to White Oak of Waxhaw at the end of the school year! Please don't drop them off yourself, I will take care of everything.