Pleasant valley ESL program

Welcome to our district ESL program page! Our district believes that all students can learn at high levels and that being fluent in multiple languages is a strength for students. As such:

  • Multi-lingual students who enter our district are identified and screened using the ELPA21, to see if they need assistance with English during their transition.

  • Students identified as qualifying for assistance are invited to the our services and become our district's English Learners, or ELs

  • Our district's program choice to grow and move students towards proficiency follows the English as a Second Language or ESL model. This is one of many program models approved by the state of Iowa.

Our mission is to help all students in our district who come from diverse language backgrounds learn and become proficient in English, share their culture and background with others, and feel comfortable, accepted and supported within our schools as a Pleasant Valley Spartan.

Our Motto: By Student, By Need

We realize every student who arrives at our district with a multiple language background has different learning needs that include social, grade level and English language strands. We strive to create an individualized learning plan for each student to help them reach their true potential.

Board statement on Inclusiveness:

  • To all of our students who are immigrants or refugees – and to their friends, classmates and teachers who are also concerned because of these recent events – know that the Pleasant Valley Community School District stands by you. We serve all families in our District and we want our students to be safe, to feel welcome, and to learn and succeed in our schools and community. The Pleasant Valley Community School District does not condone nor support any action that demonstrates intolerance, bigotry, or that promotes discrimination. As a District, we remain committed to celebrating and embracing our diversity, as that diversity makes us stronger. As a district, we place great value in building an inclusive culture of learning where all students and families feel welcome, safe, and secure. We view our diversity as a strength and celebrate the fact that over 21 languages are spoken throughout our buildings. In the Pleasant Valley Community School District, we welcome all as our students, families, neighbors and friends. We are proud to stand by, support and celebrate each and every unique individual within our District.

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