Mrs. Wachendorf's Clubhouse

Welcome and thank you for visiting our class web page! I plan to keep the site updated weekly with important information, classroom updates, and pictures of our day.

Important Information

Our January unit will focus on states of matter. We will learn about the three states of matter and how they change from one state to another. We will explore physical changes through simple experiments.

FYI: the school does not provide snacks for students, if you would like your student to have a snack, please send items off of the spartan safe snack list.

Year Plan- unit OverviewS

August: Welcome Back

Introducing rules and expectations. Learning about our friends in class.

September: We Have Leaders (Government)

Introduces the basic role of authority figures at the school, local, state and national levels.

October: Living in an Ecosystem (Life Science)

Introduces plants and animals in various ecosystems and how they survive.

November: Load 'em Up (Geography)

Explores maps, land forms and different types of transportation.

December: Holidays Around the World (Social Studies)

Learn about different cultures and holiday traditions around the world.

January: It's Just a Phase (Physical Science)

Explores the physical changes of matter.

February: Cultures of Change (History)

Explores how cultures have changed over time with a focus on the people who helped bring change

March: Energy Around Us (Physical Science)

Explores different forms of energy and how electricity makes things work.

April: To Market, To Market (Economics)

Explores wants and needs, producers and consumers, and production of goods.

May/June: Making It Last (Earth and Space Science)

Focuses on renewable and non-renewable resources and how we can conserve them.