Mr. Paul's 8th Grade Social Studies

CLASS LESSONS: "The Place to Be"

Below you will find a schedule with what we do in class every day along with resources you can access. This list goes by dates and is updated frequently.

Optimism vs. Pessimism- Aug. 23

Select Desk #'s- Aug. 23

Name Plates- Aug. 23

Assign Course Syllabus- Aug. 24

Advice for 8th Grade- Aug. 24

Handed out coupons to leave class- Aug. 24

Changing the World- Aug. 24

Likes/Dislikes of PVJH (journal & discuss)- Aug. 27

Assigned 1st Quarter Goal Sheet- Aug. 27

Assigned Student Survey- Aug. 27

Student Survey due (4 Points)- Aug. 28

Syllabus Quiz (10 Points)- Aug. 28

Housekeeping checklist- Aug. 28

Reviewed Class Website- Aug. 28

Quarter 1 Goal Sheets due (4 Points)- Aug. 29

Google Classroom Reflection & Feedback (Persistence)- Aug. 29

Trash Can Goals- 1st look at goals- Aug. 30-31

Student research "Top Tips for Setting Goals"- Aug. 30

Goal Setting PowerPoint w/ Videos- Aug. 30-31

Google Classroom Assignment (Goal Setting- Due Sept. 5)- Aug. 31

Discussed Patriotism- Sept. 4

Patriotic Day clip- Sept. 4

View Film Surviving 9-11 & Discuss- Sept. 4 and 5

Work on Patriotic Posters- Sept. 6

Patriotic Day- Sept. 7

Family Feud Geography- Sept. 10

Why History? Lesson- Sept. 11, 12

Why History? Notes- Sept. 11, 12

Google Classroom on Why History? Lesson (4 Points)- Sept. 12 (due Sept. 13)

Revolutionary War Breakout- Sept. 13

Persistence Self-Evaluation- Sept. 14

Persistence Lesson- Sept. 14, 17

Breakout observations- Sept. 14, 17

Timeline Challenge- Sept. 18

Foundations- Sept. 19-20, 24

POW Lesson- Sept. 21

Finishing Foundations Lesson- Sept. 24-25

13 Colony Puzzle- Sept. 25

Rock Thomas Persistence Lesson- Sept. 26-27

Google Classroom Rock Thomas- Sept. 27 (Due Oct. 1)


Unit KUD and Lesson Goals- Sept. 28

Unit intro trivia with technology research practice- Sept. 28

America, Story of US to Revolutionary War- October 1,2

Hand out assignment Perspective Comparison- Oct. 3

Hand out assignment Unit Key Terms- Oct. 3

Research John Locke and share findings- Oct. 3

John Locke in-class Lesson Summary- Oct. 3-4

John Locke Notes- Oct. 3-4

Google Classroom John Locke- October 4 (due October 5)

British Warfare discussion- See notes in Summary on French and Indian War- October 4

Google Classroom Feedback- October 5

John Locke Intervention Sheet- October 5

Notes from French and Indian War- October 8

French and Indian War Guided Role Play- October 8

French and Indian War Lesson Summary- October 8

Google Classroom Assignment (French and Indian War)- October 8 (due October 9)

Reviewed French and Indian War- October 9

Quick Quiz on French and Indian War- October 9

No Child Left Behind Review on French and Indian War- October 9

French and Indian War Concept Map- October 9

Proclamation Line/Sugar Act Lesson Summary- October 9-11

Notes on Proclamation Line/Sugar Act- October 9-11

Proclamation Line/Sugar Act Roles- October 9-11

Classroom Debate (asking questions at stuck points)- Oct. 12

Google Classroom Proc. Line/Sugar Act- October 10 (due October 12)

Quartering Act Lesson Summary- Oct. 12, 15

Quartering Act Notes- Oct. 12, 15

Quartering Act Roles- Oct. 12, 15

Perspective Comparison from 1st 3 Causes- Oct. 15

Notes from Stamp Act-Townshend Acts- Oct. 16-17

Lesson Summary Stamp Act-Townshend Acts- Oct. 16-17

Colonists' letter to King George III- Oct. 17

King's Response to Colonists- Oct. 17

Cause and Effect CFA- Oct. 17

Iowa Youth Survey- Oct. 17

Google Classroom Assignment (Stamp Act/Townshend Acts due Oct. 18)

Stamp Act Review and DBQ's- Oct. 18

Point of View/Perspective CFA- Oct. 18

Google Classroom Debate Causes 1-6- Oct. 19

In-Class Verbal Debate Causes 1-6- Oct. 19

Boston Massacre Play- Oct. 22

Crime Scene Investigators Report- Oct. 22

Google Classroom Debate (Massacre or Self-Defense)- Oct. 22 (due Oct. 23)

Debate...Massacre or Self-Defense?- Oct. 23

Revere's picture of Boston Massacre- Oct. 23

Boston Massacre Lesson Summary- Oct. 22-23

Boston Massacre Video 1- Oct. 23

Boston Massacre Video 2- Oct. 23

Soldiers' Trial Notes- Oct. 23

Perspective Comparison Causes 4-7- Oct. 23


Notes from Tea Act/Coercive Act- Oct. 24-25

Roles from Tea Act/Coercive Act- Oct. 24-25

Tea Act/Coercive Act Lesson Summary- Oct. 24-25

Debate Causes 8 & 9- Oct. 25

Google Classroom Coercive Act- Oct. 25 (due Oct. 30)

Battle at Lexington Lesson Summary- Oct. 30

Battle at Lexington/Concord Notes- Oct. 30

NCLB Quiz Causes 8-10- Oct. 30

Debate 10 Causes- Oct. 31

Witness Selection and 10 Causes Review- Oct. 31

Mock Trial over Revolutionary War Causes- Nov. 1 & 2

Break Out Revolutionary War- Nov. 5

Study Guide 10 Causes (Perspective Comparison)- Nov. 5

Review Game over War Causes- Nov. 5

Key Terms on Quizlet- Nov. 5

Unit Assignments Due and Reviewed- Nov. 5

Rev. War Causes Content Test- Nov. 6

Standards Test over War Causes- Nov. 7

Persistence Self-Assessment- Nov. 8


Rev. War Unit Intro Movie- Nov. 8-9

2nd quarter Goal Sheet Assigned- Nov. 9

Explain proper citation- Nov. 9

Explain Revolutionary War Projects and Select- Nov. 9

(Students pick 1 of the following projects to complete)

Newspaper Video/Skit Newscast Music Video

PowerPoint/Prezi Poster Research Paper Social Media

Artwork Scrapbook Storybook Board Game

Veteran's Day Tribute- Nov. 12

Revolutionary War Project Rubric- Nov. 12-15

Revolutionary War Works Cited Template- Nov. 12-16

Work on Projects- Nov. 12-16

Students Present Projects- Nov. 19-20

Live Student to Student Feedback- Nov. 19-20

Snow Day- Nov. 26

Finish projects- Nov. 27


Government homework study guide- Nov. 28

Government unit key terms- Nov. 28

Government Star Wars Unit Intro- Nov. 28

Government Unit KUD- Nov. 28

US Citizenship Test- Nov. 28

Revolutionary War Dodge ball- Nov. 29

Compare game with war- Nov. 30

Unit Intro- Shays Rebellions- "What is wrong with our country?"- Nov. 30

Farmer Point of View on Shays' Rebellion- Nov. 30

Governor Point of View on Shays' Rebellion- Nov. 30

Textbook Account on Shays' Rebellion- Nov. 30

Shays' Rebellion Lesson Summary- Nov. 30

Weaknesses of Articles of Confederation- Dec. 3

Review 8 weaknesses of Articles of Confederation- Dec. 4

Constitutional Convention Preview- Dec. 5

Book Review of Convention (pp.106-112)- Dec. 5

NCLB Quick Quiz- Dec. 5

Constitutional Convention Play- Dec. 6

Constitutional Convention Lesson Summary- Dec. 6

Constitutional Convention Notes- Dec. 6

Government Puzzle- Dec. 7

Government Branches Notes- Dec. 7

Bar Exam Flash Cards- Dec. 7

Go through Government puzzle- Dec. 10

Bar Exam- Dec. 10

Law School Graduation Ceremony- Dec. 10

Conduct Legal Competition- Dec. 11

Read pp. 121-129 from History Alive- Dec. 12

Answer Government Questions- Dec. 12

How a law gets passed- Dec. 13-14

Bill to Law Lesson Summary with Videos- Dec. 13-14

Study Sheet on Bill of Rights- Dec. 17

Completed Study Sheet on Bill of Rights- Dec. 17

Review the study sheet on Bill of Rights- Dec. 18

Deputy Bawden 4th Amendment- Dec. 19

Gun Debate (claim & evidence preview)- Dec. 20

Bill of Rights Scenarios- Dec. 21

Create Bill of Rights Poster/Presentation- Jan. 3-4

Present Bill of Rights Posters- Jan. 7

Bill of Rights Notes- Jan. 7

NCLB Government Quiz 2- Jan. 8

Political Parties & Electoral College- Jan. 8-9

Electoral College Google Classroom- Jan. 9 (Due. Jan. 10)

Lesson Summary on Taxes- Jan. 10&11

Notes on Taxes- Jan. 10&11


Supreme Court School Rulings- Jan. 14

3 Levels of Government Lesson Summary- Jan. 15

Hand out Essential Standard Project info- Jan. 15

Explain Government Standards Project- Jan. 15

Essential Standard Project Overview- Jan. 15

Check Homework Assignments- Jan. 15

Unit Quizlet Terms Game- Jan. 16

Government Vocabulary Arcade Games- Jan. 16

Trash Can Vocabulary Game- Jan. 16

Pac-Man Unit Vocabulary Game- Jan. 16

Test Review- Jan. 16

Student created test review in PowerPoint- Jan. 16

Government Study Guide- Jan. 16

2nd Government Study Guide- Jan. 16

Copy of Old Government Test- Jan. 16

Government Unit Content Test- Jan. 17

Claim & Evidence Project Overview- Jan. 18

Claim & Evidence Project Sign-up List- Jan. 18

Claim & Evidence Graphic Organizer- Jan. 18

Claim & Evidence Project Rubric- Jan. 18

Claim & Evidence PSA (Public Service Announcement) Example- Jan. 18

Essential Standard Project Work Day- Jan. 22-23

Claim and Evidence Debates- Jan. 24 & 25

Claim and Evidence PSA's due- Jan. 25


Citizenship Test- Must pass with 60% or higher- Jan. 30

Breaking News Current Event Day- Jan. 31

Goal Sheet 3rd qtr. assigned- Jan.31


What is "Manifest Destiny"?- Feb. 1

Manifest Destiny Summary- Feb. 1

Lewis and Clark Classroom Activity - Feb. 1

Lewis and Clark Activity Descriptions- Feb. 1

Watched Lewis and Clark- national geographic. Can be found on - Feb. 2

Jefferson and Madison Era- Feb. 5

No Child Left Behind Quick Quiz - Feb. 5

Manifest Destiny Documents- Feb. 6-7

Manifest Destiny DBQ's- Feb. 6-7

Oregon Trail (Individual Game)- Feb. 8

Oregon Trail (Team Game)- Feb. 9

High School Registration Day- Feb. 12

Oregton Trail (Class Championship)- Feb. 13

Manifest Destiny and Summarization Summary- Feb. 14

Point of View and Summarization CFA- Feb. 15

Andrew Jackson Legacy/Controversy- Feb. 15

Children's Storybook Project Intro- Feb. 20

Children's Storybook Research/Write Days- Feb. 20-22

Children's Storybook peer feedback day- Feb. 23

Create Children's Book- Feb. 26

Share Children's Books- Feb. 27

Black History Month Rosa Parks Story- Feb. 28- March 2 (May be found on by typing in name of movie)

Movie Quiz- March 2

Beginning of Slavery Unit

Slavery Introduction- March 5

Equiano Primary Source- March 5

Summarization Form- March 5

Answers to Summarization Form-March 5

Middle Passage Lesson- March 6-7

Underground Railroad Webquest- March 8-9

Underground Railroad Webquest Questions- March 8-9

SPRING BREAK- March 10-18

Slavery Mini-Drama- March 19-21

Primary Sources for Mini Drama- March 19-21

Slavery Mini-Drama Rubric- March 19-21

Slavery Mini Drama Aspect Notes- March 19-21

Mini Drama FAQ's- March 19-22

Underground Railroad "Goose Chase"- March 23

Present Mini Dramas- March 26-27


Unit Movie- Race to Freedom- March 27-29

Race to Freedom Movie Guide- March 27-29

Slavery Unit Study Guide- April 2

Test Review- April 2

Slavery Unit Key Terms Due- April 2

Slavery Content Test- April 3

Goal Sheet Quarter 4- April 3

Slavery Standards Test April 4

Introduce Debate Throw Down- April 4

Select debate- April 5

Work on debates- April 5, 6, 9

Debate Throwdown (explained and rubric)- April 10-12

Debate Make-up Assignment- April 10-12

Debate Topics- April 10-12

Junior Achievement- April 13

Beginning of Civil War Causes Unit

Unit KUD- April 16

Unit Intro Trivia- April 16

Civil War Causes- April 17

1 Main Play April 18

Civil War Story of Us- April 19

Junior Achievement- April 20

JA Guest Entrepreneur- April 23

Intro Project- April 24

Work on Project- April 25-26 Newspaper Template- April 25-6

No School- April 27

Present Projects- April 30-May 2

Civil War Kickball- May 3

Junior Achievement- May 4

Glory- Civil War Movie- May 7-10

Glory Movie Guide- May 7-10


Junior Achievement- May 11

Beginning Post-Civil War Unit

Lincoln's Assassination Activity- May 14-16

Lincoln's Assassination Lesson- May 14-16

Lincoln's Assassination Notes- May 14-16

Finish Lincoln's Assassination lesson-May 14-16

Lincoln Conspiracy Movie- May 17

Junior Achievement- May 18

Reconstruction Intro Activity- May 21

Reconstruction Power Point- May 22,

Reconstruction KUD- May 22

History Alive Reconstruction Notes- May 23

Mr. Paul's Reconstruction Notes- May 23

Sharecropping Activity- May 24

Reconstruction Kickball- May 25

Industry and Immigration- May 25

Junior Achievement- May 28

Reflection Day- June 1