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Group Leaders

Group 69- AARCHANA 


Group 104 - Utkarsh Mishra ( )

Passionate to learn the things! a Hustler & curious student! 

Group 111- Niyati Rapria 

( )

Group 115 - Shudhanshu Kumar Yadav (

I am very happy to be pursuing BS - Data Science from IITM. The program's immersive and hands- on approach to learning furthered my curiosity about data science and it's applications. 

Group 136 -Prakhar Singh

As an aspiring data scientist I bring a diverse skill set encompassing Machine Learning, Web Development, Python and Business Data Management offering a unique perspective and capability to tackle complex challenges in today's data-driven world.

Group 149 -K.Vivek
( )

Hi, I am Vivek, group leader of 149, Saranda House. For any further details please contact me via WhatsApp (9182944661). 

Group 169 -GVS Lalitha SivaPriya 

( )

Group 196 - Shrabani Ghosh ( )

Currently I am in foundation level. Group leader of saranda 196 

Group 206 - Devanshu Patil (

An aspiring data scientist who loves to travel and explore new places. The thrill of a mystery of uncovering new places and the wonderful feeling of driving there gives me the kick of life. I am a huge foodie.

Group 215 - Ashraf I Khan ( )

Group 221 - Jyotiraditya Saha (

Group 223 - Aayush Singhal (

Group 224 - C P M Ashir (

I am currently pursuing a BS in Data Science from IIT Madras alongside a BTech in Information Technology from CUSAT ,Kerala. I strive to make meaningful contributions in the dynamic fields of data science and technology.

Group 229 - Swastik Kumar Shukla (

An epistemophile, exploring back-end development and machine learning. 

Group 248 - Ayan Uttam Mondal ( )

Group 259 - Harsh Raj

( )

Group 303 - Ankit Kumar (

Hii! Myself Ankit Kumar. I'm currently learning web development. I love to discuss about tech and business related stuffs. 

Group 313 - Adarsh Singh ( )

I am a Diploma Level Student, Fitness Enthusiast. Lives in Bangalore. 

Group 327 - Jyothi Venkat Reddy Vellapalem ( )

I am currently enrolled as a part-time student in the BS degree program at IIT Madras. Hailing from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, I am pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering with a specialization in Cybersecurity at MITS. I am eager to engage with fellow participants in this program. 

Group 581 - Avinash Sharma (

Hello everyone, I'm Avinash Sharma, residing in North West Delhi. I am currently pursuing a BS degree in Electronics Systems. My areas of interest include Embedded Systems, IoT, and Power Electronics. 

Group 582 - Vinay Kumar ( )

I'm from Delhi. Doing stand-alone degree with IIT Madras. Now 18 years old  

Group 583 - VENKATA SUBHASH M ( )

Myself, Subhash, from Andhra Pradesh, I am pursuing this degree full time. I scored 99.25%ile in JEE mains 2023. I am ready for this new experience to work as a GL, in Saranda house. 

Behind the Scenes

Content creators

The social Media Platforms Like Instagram, Linkedin pages was handled by these group members. They Canva their art into content and stand back in the groups.

Web operator, Designer

( )

Hello! I'm a passionate web operator from Andhra Pradesh, and I'm thrilled to introduce you to SARANDA HOUSE, a dynamic page designed by our dedicated web-ops team to connect everyone seamlessly. Programming and designing are my true passions, and I pour my creativity and expertise into every project we undertake. Join us on this exciting journey as we build something remarkable together! 

Graphic designer
Anmol Mishra 

( )

I am a graphic designer from Himachal Pradesh, dedicated to bringing creativity and innovation to Saranda House at IIT Madras. With a keen eye for detail, I transform ideas into stunning visual experiences, enhancing our community's vibrant and dynamic spirit. 

Graphic designer


( )

I'm passionate a graphic designer and data science student, eager to merge creativity with analytical skills. Proficient in Adobe express, Canva etc. and Python. Currently I'm in foundation level and graphics designer at Saranda and Diplomacia. 

Creative Content writer 

Naveen Garg 

( )

I love science and stories. I am often found in either of those when I am not in them I do my another favorite thing i.e Sleep 

Web ops team member 

Mazin Mehmood 

( )

I'm a standalone degree student. I live in Delhi

Web-Ops Team Member 

Yogendra Kumar Mishra 

( )

Hello. I'm Yogendra Mishra. I have a strong interest in Computer Science and Data Science. I like building things that solve problems of my own and make my life easier. Connect with me at 

Graphic Designer 

Kalyan K 

( )

I Am a Blogger, a Content Creator and a Designer. Studying in Foundation Level at IITM, aspiring to be many things. 

Content Creator 

Gaurav Kumar 

( )

Gaurav Kumar, Content Creator team and National Level Sports Player 

Video Editor 

Shivam Kumar 

( )

Shivam Kumar, full time BS student, foundation, topic of interest: python, generative AI, trading, video editing, travelling, ......... 

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