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Welcome to the Gir house!! Our house was founded on 23rd April, 2021. We are a team of 564 students, and just like the vast and vivid flora and fauna of the Gir forest, we are a family of diverse backgrounds.
Our house is led by our Secretary, Mr. Harsh Kumar Upadhyay in close coordination with our Deputy Secretary, Ms. Myisha Singh. We have three wonderful mentors Mr. Govada Tejaswini, Mr. Ritesh Kumar and Mr. Amit Devkatte to guide us. Our Web Administrator, Mr. Athul Srinivas, along with many of our Gir- Web Development team, has contributed immensely towards creating this website.
The Gir house is further divided into a variety of clubs and societies with students who share similar interests. We created this website to spread our motto. Club events organized by us and the various achievements of our members are also showcased. This website also functions as an academic forum to interact with fellow peers and receive updates. We strive to achieve more as a house, together!

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Clubs and Societies:

Clubs and societies are a great way for people with similar interests to meet, connect, talk and share their passion. Gir house has a host of clubs that members can apply to join at any time, and feel right at home. Our clubs are an open platform for all students to discuss anything and everything within the bounds of their fields.

There are club chat rooms where the students get to interact with each other, share their thoughts, stay updated, and, best of all, find new people. Monthly meets are the perfect place for members to get to know each other a little better and collectively plan and organise the events for the month. We have a wide variety of events in each of the clubs that all the students can participate in, both competitive and non-competitive.

Our societies, on the other hand, are more formal. They are formed primarily for groups of like-minded professionals working with common goals in mind. Through our societies, we try and help students build the skills to perform better in the workplace and academic settings. Here you can share and pick up soft skills as well as specific professional skills from all students of various backgrounds and varying amounts of experience.

In addition to helping you develop the skills, being a part of Gir house’s societies would give you a good experience to add to your resume. As with clubs, societies conduct their own set of assorted events oriented at building and developing character and are open to all the students of Gir house.

Clubs under the Gir House:

Programming Club

A platform for all Gir house students to learn and practice coding beyond the walls of classrooms or screens of laptops! The programming club is a place for members to learn more about programming, ethical hacking, web development and more. Members are encouraged to come up with their own projects and ideas and apply all their programming knowledge in executing them.

Chess Club

Chess. A battle of wits, strategy and timeless tactics. A place for chess champions, the occasional player and aspiring rookies alike. It’s the club to learn plays of this ancient game, practice with your peers and emerge victorious in the club tournaments.

Anime Club

This club is for all the otakus out there! The goal of this club is to build a community powered by people who share the same appreciation and passion for anime. Regardless of previous experience with anime, the club is open for all interested in joining and learning this form of media!

Music Club

The music club serves as a platform for all students to showcase their musical talents. This club encourages all students irrespective of their skill level, to participate in various events to develop their love for music.

e-Sports Club

All the gamers from Gir house are invited to join the e-Sports club. Here, all members are encouraged to join the community and work and play together in a team, and take part in game nights to strategise, relieve stress and get through the quarantine together.

Oratory Club

Whether you love the spotlight, or are trying to overcome your fear of speaking, the Speakers’ Arena is the perfect opportunity for all students who want to improve their soft skills.

From debates, to extempore, and group discussions, there are a variety of activities that have been planned for the club. Don’t worry if you don’t have much experience in these fields, the most important feat is to communicate and make friends, you can pick up the rest along the way.

Societies under the Gir House:

The Civil Services Society

This society is a space where we encourage people who aspire to ace civil services examination. This society will aim to prepare for the exam together with fellow aspirants. The society also aims to provide various experiences like motivational and knowledgeable speech by several guest speakers. Join us to guide and learn different strategies to ace the exam

K-Culture Society

Annyeonghaseyo! All the k-drama and k-pop lovers out there, this is the society for you. This society not just focuses on drama and music but also various forms of intriguing Korean culture. Take part and learn new things everyday with your chingus!

Literary and Books Society

Reading is your passport to new worlds; hence here in this society we encourage you to travel to any world you want! An environment to share your views and ideologies is created here in our society.

There are no pre-conditions as to who can join and explore this society. Reading your way through this society will open your eyes and minds to new experiences! This society is a fun way to enjoy books and meet new people at the same time.

Astronomy Society

Have you ever wanted to learn more about our universe? At the astronomy club, we have a host of dedicated astronomy lovers. You can join in on this journey of discovery, be updated on important astronomical events, learn more about astrography, discuss controversial theories surrounding black holes and debate the possibility of hypothetical celestial objects like cosmic strings.

Pride of our Den:

About Pride of our Den:

This is a place for everyone - the hidden gems, show-stopping performers, budding artists, and new talents - of Gir house, to showcase their abilities. From singing to dancing, and acting to arts and crafts, the possibilities are endless.

Anyone and everyone can submit their entries in the form of videos, audios, text or images. It’s the place to be if you want to inspire or be inspired.

Here, all the students of Gir house can come together to share their passions, hobbies, handy skills, or even just a passing interest, with the house. We, as a house, would like to encourage the all round development of our members and not just limited to that of academics. This is the perfect opportunity for all students to pick up new skills and hone existing old ones

Further information will be announced soon!