Liberty Oaks Health Room

Welcome to my Health Room site. I hope you find the site helpful, informative, and user friendly.

For those I have not met yet, I am Jill Bracken and I am the full time nurse here at Liberty Oaks. I became a school nurse when Liberty Oaks first opened in 2005; this is my 16th year at Liberty Oaks. I have been and continue to be blessed with the opportunity to care for the students here at Liberty Oaks.

My priority is the health and safety of our students and staff. I appreciate any and all communication as it relates to the health and safety of your child. The health information shared with me about your child helps me know how to better serve your child's health care needs which in turn affects their educational needs.

Please feel free to contact me at any time during the school day at 816-736-5607 or email at

Students come to school to be in class and learn. The School Nurse helps with this by encouraging children to be healthy. When students come to the Health Room, their complaints will be checked out and treated as soon as possible, so they can go back to class. Students will be encouraged to stay in school if they are able. If they are found to be ill, however, parents will be called and the student will be sent home.

The School Nurse also provides health education, health assessments, identification of health problems, referrals for medical follow-up, and vision and hearing screenings. The School Nurse is an excellent resource for the entire school community.