2017-2018 was the second year that TV and Media Production had been available at George Mason High School. We started the year producing content semi-regularly under "Lasso TV," a student show that resembled old-school television news, featuring a talking head anchor and pre-produced content. In the spring of 2018, we decided to take Lasso TV in a new direction. InforMason was the fruit of our efforts, the name coined by team member Thomas Reeves.

About our network:



Simon is a weird dude who occasionally makes movies, and, even more occasionally, is an investigative journalist.


Erik plays baseball at some points, and operates the camera at others.


Will is a 15 year old, and glad to be. He plays soccer, listens to music, and does whatever the director tells him to.

Thomas D.

A classic gum-chewing baseball player, and the senior operator/indoors executive producer and resident wiseman of the network.


If one were to pay mind to this humble man, they would find that Ronaldo life has been completely consumed by film; all he does is watch Netflix and MCU movies.


Unlike the rest of the crew, Emmy has a life, being an active swimmer and fencer. When she is not doing either of those, she's one of the group's "floaters."


A Creative Writing kid who got lost, Kitty now puts her experiences to use by writing nihilistic jokes no one is amused by. She is also the only one who used proper grammar through her entire bio.


Resident sneakerhead, Deven keeps us in the loop with all things relevant in the GM community.


Anyone will tell you that David is the glue that holds InforMason™ together. His influential touch upon this network has shaped the lives of everyone involved. David enjoys candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach.


Need some new tunes in that Spotify playlist? Then go do Dexter, Informason expert source on music.


Patron of the arts by day, resident Percy Jackson Fan Supreme by night.


Is a freshman who likes to learn new video techniques and also dabbles in graphic design, he made the InforMason logos.


Catherine is a team player who’s up for making any video Emmy comes up with. Outside of TVMP she’s busy doing volleyball, piano, babysitting, and hanging with friends.


Sofia is a sophomore who joined halfway through the year. She also does robotics, softball, and other weird activities.


Is a freshman. He plays on the JV Lacrosse team at Mason.

Thomas R.

Thomas can do it all, Lacrosse, mix beats, and cut together a mean edit with whatever footage you got.

Jack B.

Is a senior that works hard and does just about every single thing he is tasked with doing.

Jack v

is a freshman. In his free time he eats waffles and plays with his dog. He is on the Varsity Baseball team

Jack W.

Resident old man, has been with the team since the dawn of the network.


Cartoonist and storyteller since pre-school, who's ready to put those skills to film. She loves to direct and edit films even when things get out of hand (and let's face it, they always do).


originally from Wakanda, loves fashion, Korean food, and not dealing with ignorant people.

Mr. George

Professional cat herder.