Getting Started with D2L

There are many videos available from D2L to guide you in learning the various tools. While it is helpful to become familiar with the YouTube channel where the videos are provided, we wanted to make sure that you have quick links to the specific tools you would come across in a basic course shell. Each link below connects to a Playlist that covers all aspects of the tool.

The links above will get you started with the tools, but you will likely want to explore a few in greater depth. The links below will take you to playlists detailing many ways to use the tools at more advanced levels.

Content Tool

The Content Tool is used to provide students with access to all materials related to the course.

View video playlist on using the content tool.

We also recommend utilizing Module Guides to organize the information in the content tool.

<Insert link here for Module Guides>


The Discussion Boards provide opportunity for students to interact with each other, and the instructor, around the content of the course. It's a great place to discuss important issues related to the class, and to communicate deeper thinking around the content.

View video playlist on using the discussion boards.


When it comes time to assess your students, you'll want to provide a place for them to submit assignments, and allow for straight forward grading processes.

View video playlist on setting up assignments.


The Gradebook not only provides a record of the student work, but it also allows for students to assess their progress in the class.

View video playlist on setting up the gradebook.


Sometimes you need to make a more formal assessment of your students' learning. Quizzes provide many options for providing for that.

View video playlist on setting up quizzes.