Charity Drive

Charity Drive FAQ- scroll down to watch the 2017 video

1. What is Charity Drive?

    • Charity Drive is a month long school and community-wide effort to raise funds for a charitable cause.

2. How are the organizations selected?

    • Interested 501(c)(3) organizations submit an application. The student senate leaders select organizations to interview. After the interviews, 3 organizations are selected to be put on the ballot for the school-wide selection. The results of the school-wide selection determines the Charity Drive recipient.

3. What is the timeline?

    • Applications will be accepted through September 29th, 2017. Interviews will be conducted towards the end of October/early November. The school-wide selection is in December. Charity Drive takes place during the month of February.

4. What are the criteria for selection?

    • Organizations are selected based on the following criteria:

Provide a local connection, Child-oriented, Small to medium-sized charity, Large percentage of funds goes directly to service or research -(we use the federal guideline of administrative costs being less than or equal to 20% as a basis for evaluation), Ability to provide information, connections and/or manpower for fund-raising activities, Provide 501(c)(3) verification

5. How much money is raised?

    • Charity Drive is about bringing students, staff, and community members together for a common cause. We do not set a fundraising goal. The amount varies every year. HPHS has been very proud to have donated significant funds over the years.

6. How does HPHS raise money?

    • The entire school gets involved by participating in fun events throughout the school and the community. We also welcome individual and corporate donations.

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Watch the 2017 Charity Drive video to get an inside peek into the Charity Drive events!