Welcome to Hfyfiyzm.

You are in the presence of the website of one of the greatest neighborhoods in Arenztopia.

Hi. We're Hfyfiyzm. We are one of the best neighborhoods that you will ever lay your eyes on. Our reviews are superb, our homes are luxurious, and our location is convenient. So buy now, before you change your mind.

Still hesitant about buying? The amenities and statistics below are guaranteed to blow your socks off several times over, depending on how tight your socks are.

7 bedrooms

Enough for your extended family plus a bunch of guests.

6 bathrooms

Answer the call of nature from anywhere in the house.


Who can resist a pool? Especially a heated one with a huge surface area.

Huge living area

Bask in the luxury of over 500 square feet of space, all devoted to your personal comfort.

Outdoor dining room and kitchen

Relax in the sun and eat. Simple as that.

Indoor dining room and kitchen

For when rain comes and you can't use your outdoor dining room and kitchen.


Look over your domain from this lofty viewpoint on the second floor!

6,500 square feet

Who needs all that space? You do.

Good education

With an AES of 4.75, so that your kids can actually learn how to do stuff instead of browsing for huge houses like you're doing right now.

Convenient Location

Easy access to many stores, and located on the outskirts of Arenztopia City.

Large park access

The name says it all.

(kinda) reasonable price

Just 1,750,000 Arenzos for everything described above.