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CCD / Faith Formation Class Mission

To teach the Syro Malabar Catholic faith in partnership with parents, the primary educators of their children. The journey of faith begins at Baptism and calls for children to actively participate with their parents in the full life of our Catholic Church. In order for this journey to enrich the lives of everyone involved, each catechist, parent and student must understand and embrace his/her role.

St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Diocese of Chicago : Echo Catechetical Directory

Message from our Pastor

Health/Safety team @

Minesh Joseph - CCD/Faith Formation Principal

Teseline James / Jojimol Kallarackal / Marydasan Thomas - CCD/Faith Formation Vice-Principals


Announcements/CCD Message Center - CURRENT Update

Updated Date: 06/10/2022

1) Sunday June 12th: Last day of regular CCD classes. Teachers will be distributing the final report cards. Teachers may conduct student surveys, class parties etc.

2) Sunday June 19th: Annual CCD & Academy Day. Children will be recognized in areas of academic achievement, attendance etc. More details to follow.

3) Saturday, June 25th: Faith Formation Teachers and Volunteers Meeting & Get Together. If you have not already responded, please RSVP soon.

4) Tuesday June 28th to Thursday June 30th: Vacation Bible School for children entering Grades 2 to 5 in the next academic year. Please register using this link:

5) Sunday July 3rd: Graduation ceremony for our 12th Graders during the Parish Thirunnal mass.

6) Friday July 15 - Sunday July 17: Steubenville Conference for registered participants.

We would like to hear your/childś feedback on the Faith Formation Program. Please use the link to complete the anonymous survey. Your opinion matters to us.

Updated Date: 04/01/2022

As announced earlier, Faith Formation class groups are being merged starting this Sunday, April 3rd 2022. New classroom assignments will be announced that day. Children will sit in their assigned grade pews in church. CCD will start with Sapra at 9:20 am and will follow the schedule below:

9:20 am Sapra (Stations of cross for April 3 & 10)

9:30 am Holy Mass

11:00 am Assembly followed by classes

11:10 am CCD Classes start

12:30 pm CCD Classes end

Safety of our children remains our topmost priority. We will continue to practice following safety measures:

1) Masks though optional are encouraged

2) Each class will have sanitizers for use by students & teachers

3) If your child is sick or experiences Covid symptoms - please stay home and inform your teacher & notify health team at

*Also note the annual youth lenten retreat has been rescheduled to Saturday, April 9th. As such Grades 10-12 will have regular CCD classes on April 3rd and April 10th, 2022.

Older Updates

Lent is a period of rejuvenation of our spiritual life as we look forward to Easter. We have arranged a rich opportunity for our children to be part of this Lenten journey through retreats led by well known teams.

Retreat for Grades Kindergarten to Grade 9 on March 26th and March 27th - Please register using the link below:

Anointing Fire Catholic Youth Ministry will be leading the retreat for Grade 4 through Grade 9.

Participation in these retreats is an essential part of the Faith Formation Program. Thank you for your continued support.

Faith Formation Program Admins

Updated Date: 01/26/2022

In Person Classes Resume next Sunday, January 30th 2022 - Please note a small change in schedule. Class duration will be 1hr 10 mins and assembly for both groups will be in the Fellowship Hall.

See schedule below:

Group 1: Assembly in FH 9:30 - 9:45 am / Class duration 9:50 - 11:00 / Teachers accompany children to church, Rosary or DM chaplet in church 11:15 / Sapra 11:22/ Mass 11:30

Group 2: Rosary 9:15 / Sapra 9:22 / Mass 9:30 / Assembly in FH 11:00 - 11:15 / Class duration 11:20 - 12:30pm

Bible Verse - We plan to make this more attractive for children with exciting gifts and even a class prize. More details to follow. Please continue to encourage your children to participate in the bible verse program each Sunday.

Steubenville Conference Info Session, January 30th 2022 at 3:30 PM: Parents of high school students are encouraged to attend virtual info session. Registration for the conference scheduled July 15-17 at Steubenville, Ohio will begin later next week. See details below:

Zoom Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 827 1961 9750

Passcode: 699658

Conference Website: Steubenville Main Campus 5 | Steubenville Conferences

Altar Server Installation: The new batch of altar servers will be installed during mass on January 30th, 2022. Congratulations and welcome to this important ministry!!

Dei Verbum Quiz Semi Finals, February 5th, 2022: Qualifying candidates can start the exam between Eastern time 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm. Quiz will be of one hour duration. Each candidate has been sent an email with the link to the exam. Sub-Juniors & Juniors content will cover the Gospel of Luke. Senior & Adult content will cover Gospel of Luke & Letter to Romans. Good Luck to all candidates !

Parent Teacher Conference, February 13th, 2022 at 1:30 pm: Please connect with teachers to discuss your child's progress. We depend heavily on parent involvement in the faith formation of their child. In case you cannot make this time, please schedule an alternate time in consultation with your child's teacher.

Lenten Retreat: This year we have planned for retreats below. Kindly mark your calendars.

Children Grade 1 to 3 - March 26/27

Children Grade 4 to 6 - March 26/27 led by Anointing Fire Catholic Youth Ministry

Children Grade 7 to 9 - March 26/27 led by Anointing Fire Catholic Youth Ministry

Youth - April 2/3 led by Ryan Mahale who is a passionate catholic speaker currently serving as a director in Encounter Ministries. He has experience as a high school theology teacher, parish youth minister and most recently as the Archdiocese of Cincinnatiś Managing Director for Evangelization.

Upcoming Event: Vacation Bible School (late June/Early July)

Updated Date: 01/19/2022

  • Faith Formation Program Resumes In Person Session starting January 30th, 2022

    • January 23rd will remain a virtual session.

    • Faith Formation classes will resume as an in person session starting Sunday January 30th.

    • Safety measures continue to be prioritized including usage of hand sanitizers, masks and disinfecting classrooms between classes.

    • If your child is sick or has Covid related symptoms, please remain at home and notify your teacher / health & safety team.

  • Dei Verbum Bible Quiz 2022

    • Semi-final Bible Quiz will be conducted on Saturday, February 5th, 2022.

    • Candidates can start the quiz anytime between EST 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm and will get a maximum of one hour to finish the quiz

    • Quiz Topics: Sub-Junior & Junior - Gospel of Luke. Senior & Adult - Gospel of Luke and Letter to Romans

    • Please refer detailed instructions. here

Updated Date: 01/06/2022

  • Faith Formation Program Schedule for Jan 9th and 16th

    • Wishing you a safe and Happy New Year! As you are already aware, we are experiencing a growth in community spread of Covid-19 in our state and localities. Safety of our children, teachers and parish community is our top priority. As a result, the Faith Formation classes for next two Sundays.

    • January 9th and January 16th will be virtual. The classes will begin at 2:00 PM and end at 3:00 PM using Google Meet for their respective group google classrooms. Please ensure your child has access to their Google Classroom account prior to the class.

    • The Midterm Exam will be conducted online on January 16th. It will commence at 2:10 PM for a duration of 40 minutes ending at 2:50 PM. The exam will cover Chapter 1-7 for grades 1-10 and Chapters 1-6 for grades 11 & 12.

    • If you have any questions, please reach out to your respective teachers or email

Updated Date: 12/12/2021

  • Faith Formation Program Schedule for Dec 12th

    • Group 2 (KG-9) & Grade 10 & 12: Rosary 9:15 am (Church) | Sapra 9:22 am | Holy Mass 9:30 AM | Assembly 11:00 am | CCD : 11:20-12:30 PM

    • Group 1 (KG-9) & Grade 11 & 12: Assembly 9:30-9:45 am (FH) | CCD 9:50-11:10 AM | Rosary 11:15 AM | Sapra 11:22 AM | Holy Mass 11:30 AM

  • Dei Verbum Bible Quiz 2022

    • The final list of candidates who are qualified for the Semifinal will be published by 18th Saturday, after the review of the scores from each group.

Updated Date: 12/04/2021

  • Faith Formation Program Schedule for Dec 5th

    • Group 1 (KG-10) & Grade 11: Rosary 9:15 am (Church) | Sapra 9:22 am | Holy Mass 9:30 AM | Assembly 11:00 am | CCD : 11:20-12:30 PM

    • Group 2 (KG-10) & Grade 12: Assembly 9:30-9:45 am (FH) | CCD 9:50-11:10 AM | Rosary 11:15 AM | Sapra 11:22 AM | Holy Mass 11:30 AM

    • Class Room Information

    • CML Updates

  • Dei Verbum Bible Quiz on Dec 5th : Emails are shared with the link.

The candidates can start the Quiz anytime between 1.00 pm to 7.00 pm.

The Bible Quiz will be one hour long.

There will be 100 multiple choice questions.

There are no negative marks.

This is not an Open Book Quiz. Do not refer to the Bible or other resources during the Quiz.

There won't be questions from the footnotes or the references.

Updated Date: 11/14/2021

  • Reminder: CML is organizing a Meeting with CML Classleads. Please join a meeting today at 6pm with CML google classroom meeting link ( using church email id/password. All the class leads are added to the classroom "Google classroom: CML Leads 2021-22".

Updated Date: 11/09/2021

Updated Date: 10/29/2021

  • CML Talent Show continuing to 3rd week ... Please stay tuned on Sunday Nov 7th @7:00 PM


  • Adoration Calendar is published. Please see in the below section - Faith Formation Schedule 2021-22

  • Faith Connections - Newsletter Student ministry is issued the 3rd edition. Please click the link to see the details

  • Register for 2022 Parish Level Dei Verbum Bible Quiz. Please click to register:

and register using the parish code NJ12. All children from Grade 4 are expected to participate in this quiz. Please encourage. This quiz will be taking from home at their convenience on Dec5th.

Announcements/CCD Message Center - PAST UPDATES 2021-22

Updated Date: 10/31/2021

  • Back to school schedule on Oct 31st posted above.

  • Please check the adoration Calendar below for your Grade's schedule.

Updated Date: 10/20/2021

We are in our 6th Sunday of Faith Formation classes and approaching the first quarter of our faith formation program for this academic year. Hope and pray that all our families are being showered with God’s mercy and love during these difficult times.

It was our desire and our Bishop’s guideline that we must provide in-person faith formation program classes to all our children on every Sunday. But, taking into consideration various scenarios, we decided in September to start our program in a hybrid mode and then to revisit our program schedule after 2 months depending on the prevailing situations.

Even though our current pandemic situations do not show much improvement; because of the feedback and experiences shared from our families by participating in a Sunday Holy Qurbana & Faith formation program together in-person, made us decide to switch over to Plan B schedule from October 31st. Just like we decided to start with our September schedule of the faith formation program, this Plan B will also be on a trial mode, and we will revisit the plan depending on our situations.

Plan for Faith Formation Program classes starting October 31st will be as follows: -

  • Current Group 1 and Group 2 composition of families will remain the same.

  • No more virtual Sessions offered from October 31st. onward.

  • The group scheduled for an in-person session for any week will not have any impact. Holy Mass and Class time will remain the same. Holy Mass at 9:30 AM and Faith Formation classes after the Holy Mass.

  • The group scheduled for the virtual session will be attending in-person class at 9:30 AM. After the Faith Formation classes, they will be attending the 11:30 AM Holy Mass with their families.

Example Schedule:

October 31st as per our schedule, Group 1 has in-person sessions and Group 2 has Virtual Classes. This will be changed to the following schedule.

*Group 1: Rosary/Sapra/Holy Mass 09:10 AM; CCD Assembly & CCD Time: 11:00 AM -12:30 PM.

*Group 2: Rosary/Sapra/Holy Mass: 11:10 AM; CCD Assembly & CCD Time: 09:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Please notice this change is effective from October 31st and plan your calendar accordingly. Also, please note that there will be a back to school schedule on Oct 31st after the 11:30 AM Holy Mass as announced in the CCD News at our Faith formation website ( More details will be followed. If you have any questions, please reach us @STSMCC Faith Formation Admin.

Thanks & Prayers,

Faith Formation Program Admins.

Updated Date: 10/16/2021

  • Adoration Calendar is published. Please see in the below section - Faith Formation Schedule 2021-22

  • Back to School is scheduled on Oct 31st after in-person classes.

  • World Mission Sunday is on Oct 24th. CML Inauguration will be held after 9:30 am

  • Faith Connections - Newsletter Student ministry is inviting new members. Please click the link to see the details

  • Register for 2022 Parish Level Dei Verbum Bible Quiz. Please click to register

Updated Date: 09/26/2021

  • First Friday Adoration on Oct 3rd will be lead by Grade 9 Students


Updated Date: 09/21/2021



  • On Sept 26th, Group1 and Group2 students will be attending in-person faith formation classes after 9:30 am Holy Mass.

  • We will be honoring Dei Verbum winners on Sunday 9/26th during the 9:30 am Holy Mass. Special congratulations to the finalists: Jacob George and Theresa aunty!! Once again Congratulations to all the participants and winners

  • For any technical support, please submit a request through the form published on the website.

  • Big Thanks to all those who signed up to help the children in India. CML Team is collecting a minimum of 10$ for the talent and all these proceeds will be donated to a charitable organization to help the Children in India. If you haven't paid the 10$ fee, please pay using the breeze link below. If you have not yet signed up for the talent show but would still want to help out, please feel free to use the breeze link below. CML Team will be starting the talent show soon.

Talent show sign up form:

Breeze link for payment:


Updated Date: 09/18/2021

Dear Families,

Welcome to our 2nd Day of Faith formation program Classes for the academic Year 2021-22.

Any health related communication must be email to Health/Safety team @ before 8 AM on Sundays.

Welcome to our first day of IN-PERSON FOR GROUP 1 Faith Formation Program Classes!

September 19 will be an IN-PERSON SESSION for Group 1 Families.

All the children are required to attend the Children's Holy Mass @9:30 AM and is followed by an IN-PERSON class until 12:15 PM.

Please see the link for our calendar:

All the families are required to submit a one-time Health Check Form by clicking the link

Welcome to our first Day of Virtual Faith Formation Program for GROUP 2 !!

Coming Sunday, September 19 will be a VIRTUAL SESSION for Group 2 Families. This will start at 2PM.

Please see the link for our calendar:

Families and Children are welcomed to come for the Children's Holy Mass @9:30 AM.

Google Classroom/Google Meet/Church Email Account Details

There will be a church email account for every child from Grade 1 to 12.

Group 2 - KG students will be getting a google meet link for attending their virtual session.

Returning students from last year will be using their same email address for logging into their google classroom. Passwords will remain the same.

If you have any issues with your password and need to reset, please email to

or submit your issues in the form

For new families joined this year and for Grade 1 children, your email account will be in the format as follows:-

The email address will be in the format: <firstname >.<lastname>

Example if your child's name is Mathew Jacob, his email address is

Temporary Password for this account (if you are a new student registering this year): NewStudent1

The system will ask you to change the password upon login. Please follow the prompts.

Please login to the google class room for your child by browsing the link below:

username: Church email address assigned for your child

password: Temporary password provided above. (for returning students password will be your old password)

If you have not yet registered, please register and email tech team get the credentials.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us


Admin Team.


Updated Date: 09/06/2021

Welcome to our new Academic year 2021-22!! Our Faith Formation program classes officially starting on September 12th. We expect all our children enrolled for our faith formation program (both Group 1 and Group2) in the Church/Fellowship Hall.

Gathering of each individual grade and group after the Holy Qurbana will be outside the church in specific allocated open area (on Sept 12th) and it communicated.

First day schedule will be as follows: -

9:20 AM – Sapra (Morning Prayer)

9:30 AM – Holy Qurbana

10:40 AM – Prayers and Blessing by Achan for our New Academic Year/Guidelines and Announcements

11:00 AM – Commissioning of Teachers by Grade Level

11:30 AM – Dismissal for Picnic

Note: Family Group allocation is shared in our Faith Formation Program Website and link is below:-Click here to see your child's group in faith formation program classes

Updated Date: 08/22/2021

  • 2021-22 Faith Formation program classes for KG to Grade 12 for the new academic year will be starting on September 12th. Detailed emails will be sent out to all the returning students.

The registration Forms are available for both new and existing students in the below links"


Back to School 2021-22.pdf


  1. Should I make registration for each student?
    Yes. Registration should be made for each student (both new and returning students)

  2. How about CCD/Faith Formation Registration Fees
    For 2021-22 CCD/Faith Formation academic year registration fees is $125/Family.

  3. Are there going to be an in-person class, this year?
    Due to current COVID-19 situation limited numbers of classes will be made in-person. More details will be provided by class teachers.

  4. Can I use my personal email address to access Google classroom?
    Each student need to use their church email address ( to access google classroom.

  5. How to enable audio for a video that is shared on Google classroom

For windows :

* Click on Start button

* Open Settings

* Click on System - Display, notifications, apps, power

* Sound

* Recording

You will find the list of devices, and at the bottom there is Stereo Mix

Enable it

Now, as you are in Google Meet and want to let your students to listen your files:

click on the three dots,

* Settings,

* Audio > MIC


For Mac OS
* Install iShawU audio capture, which will create a virtual audio input

adoration calender 2021-22

Class logistics 2021-22

In order to provide a healthy environment for in-person sessions at the church facility, we have divided our faith formation families into 2 groups.

  • Each group will be attending an in-person session after 9:30 AM Holy Mass every 2 weeks.

  • Virtual Sessions will be from 2 to 3PM for that group which have not been scheduled for the in-person session on that Sunday.

This cycle will be repeated every Sunday, until we are safe to have a full fledged in-person session. All our Faith Formation program participating Children are encouraged to join 9:30 AM Children's Holy Mass,

In-person session will be restricted only for the assigned group families for that day. If you would like to know, which group your child is included, please click the link below:-

Click here to see your child's group in faith formation program classes


CCD/Faith Formation Leadership Team - Admin Staff (2020-21)

Minesh Joseph - CCD/Faith Formation Principal

Tesline James, Jojimol Kallarackal, Marydasan Thomas - CCD/Faith Formation Vice-Principals

Thomas Vengathadam | Mariella Payyappilly

Safe Environment :Theresa Tomy | Jason Alex | Benny Thomas | Sophia Rijo Mathew

Shine Stephen | Roy Thadikkaran | Jishi Benny | James Kokkad


For more details, visit Teachers / Resources Page

Health/Safety Leads: Lisha Kallacheril/Jojimol Justin



Download Breeze Check-in App - Android | iOS Device

Google Classroom access

All the students will have access to the church email account to use for google classroom. If any of the student do not have access, please contact your student's class teachers.

Visit to access your classroom. Click here for help with Google Classroom

Instructions to login to the google classroom available click here