Mrs. Cambridge

7-2 Homeroom, Science and Religion Teacher

7th and 8th Grade Science teacher

Grade 7 Homework

12/3/2021: Homework: Complete the exercise in Savvas if you did not finish it in class.

12/2/2021: Homework: Finish the compare and contrast essay from class.


Finish for homework if you did not finish in class. On loose leaf

1.Explain the stages of the cell cycle that you depicted on your poster.

2. Write an explanation of your cell model and how the cell membrane works? What part cell division play in the cell?


Homework: In Savvas complete the Interactivity: The cell cycle. Plus study for quiz in lesson 3 and 4 on 11/17/2021 instead of 11/15/2021


Homework: Read and complete notes on mitosis

11/5/2021 Quiz on November 15th, 2021 Lesson 3 and 4 of Topic 1. Vocabulary will be included.

Homework: for the cell animation just use a drawing or picture that shows the phospholipid bilayer.

11/3/2021: Homework: Vocabulary for lesson 4, then read lesson 4 and make notes on cell cycle and its phases.

11/1/2021 Homework. Complete all the in lesson 3 activities in the text and lesson 3 check on page 31.

Reminder 7-2 St. Michael Prayer 11/3/2021

10/26/2021 Homework: Complete the interactive cell transport in savvas.

10/22/2021: Cell model due 10/27/2021 and Quiz on Topic 1 Lesson 2 on 10/29/2021.

7-2 Religion 10/22/2021: Those who have not complete chapter 3 assessment . Please complete.

10/14/2021 Homework Vocabulary lesson 3 and pre read lesson 3

Homework 10/13/2021: Lesson 2; check in.

10/12/2021: Complete the build a cell interactive.

Monday 10/11/2021

School is closed for Columbus Day/ Indigenous Peoples' Day

Tuesday Dollars for Mission Tuesdays.

Wednesday 10/15 is Dress Down Day $5.00 to raise funds for air purifiers


7-2 Has Religion Angelus Test on 10/12/2021 and there will be no Science homework. You can read lesson 2 as a preview for the upcoming week.


Vocabulary words Topic 1. Lesson 2.


Quiz on Topic 1 Lesson 1 on 10/8/2021.

Also I reassigned the virtual lab for students who did not get to complete assignment.

Grade 8 Homework

12/3/2021 Homework: Lesson check for Topic 2 lesson 1.

12/2/2021:Homework: Complete the assignment in Savvas and the answers to the guiding questions.


Homework: Complete the vocabulary for lesson 5. Read the lesson and start writing notes. Finish the activity in Savvas.

11/10/2021 Homework for the weekend is Lesson 4 Quest Check in (in Savvas) and to complete all the activities in the lesson.

11/8/2021 Homework: Complete notes on the last parts of lesson 4.

Reminder quiz on lesson 2 and 3 of topic 1 on 11/3/2021

10/26/2021: Homework: Complete lesson 3 check page 36

10/22/2021: Read and make notes Cornell style on lesson 3, include vocabulary. Quiz on Topic 1 lesson 2 and 3 on 11/1/2021.

10/12/2021: Read pages 24,25 and 26 and complete check in for lesson 2.

Monday 10/11/2021

School is closed for Columbus Day/ Indigenous Peoples' Day

Wednesday 10/15 is Dress Down Day $5.00 to raise funds for air purifiers


Complete any missing work and the interactive periodic table activity.

No Homework we will continue the work tomorrow.


Quiz in Topic 1 Lesson 1 on 10/5/2021.

Complete your inquiry lab worksheet, if you did not give it to me.