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This website is designed to share best practice, excellent resources and support for well being. If anyone has anything they have seen or that they are using that they want to share, please email:

In addition to that, it would be really good if you could share some of the things you are doing to keep yourselves busy during this period of lock down. If you have photos you are willing to share with us all then we can put it onto this website. I have started off with a few examples that we have already been given which you can find at the bottom of the page.

Year 11 Induction Live Stream (replay)

Year 11 Induction Live Stream (2020-07-21 at 08:00 GMT-7)

Worried about a child: Click Here

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At Strood Academy, we are very proud of what our students accomplish. They are the very models of what you can achieve with the right mind-set of dedication, resilience and patience. Please click through to enjoy jut a few examples of what our students have enjoyed producing.

Home Learning Schedule and Guides

year 7 Home Learning Guide.pdf

Year 7 Home Learning

year 8 Home Learning Guide.pdf

Year 8 Home Learning

year 9 Home Learning Guide.pdf

Year 9 Home Learning

year 10 Home Learning Guide.pdf

Year 10 Home Learning

year 11 Strood Home Learning Guide.pdf

Year 11 Home Learning

year 12 Home Learning Guide.pdf

Year 12 Learning

year 13 Home Learning Guide.pdf

Year 13 Home Learning

6 Week Curriculum Plans for Year 10 and 12