Unified Professional Learning

Welcome to the Brooklyn South NYC DOE Borough Office UP Learning Site

Brooklyn South NYC DOE Borough Office, the Office of Field Support, and the other NYCDOE Borough Offices are proud to launch the Unified Professional Learning system (UP Learning). UP Learning allows any member of the Borough / Citywide Office (B/CO) community to create, publish, manage, and report on professional learning opportunities for school and field staff. Click for more information on the UP Learning system roll-out.

In support of the knowledge, skills, and effectiveness of our school leaders, teachers, and staff, the Brooklyn South Borough Support Office is committed to offering a menu of professional learning opportunities tailored to the expressed needs of our districts. The descriptions below attempt to capture the six types of professional learning we will be delivering though each division.

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Our 6 Types of Professional Learning Sessions

Turn Key (Train the Trainer)

Turn Key are targeted trainings in which participants will learn practical knowledge, skills, and best practices on a given subject. Through modeling, participants will leave with the techniques and resources needed to return to their buildings and share the content of the professional learning session with their colleagues.

Critical Friends Groups / Cohort Model

Critical Friends Group describes a type of professional development delivered through formal, ongoing interactions of small cohort or groups strategically assembled around a specific challenge or problem of practice. These strategic groups contribute to the participants’ professional growth and strengthen the school and district’s capacity to function as learning communities (Source: National School Reform Faculty).

Lab Sites (Highlighting Strong Practices)

Through exploration, site visitations, and deep data analysis, and close collaboration with Districts, the FSC hopes to highlight strong practices that further student achievement, enhance systems and structures and contribute to success at the district, school leadership and classroom level. These successful discoveries, resources, tools and case studies will be shared throughout the borough to encouraging replication.

New Principal Training

The goal of the New Principal Institute is to provide a cohort of principals new to the NYCDOE with an introductory series of trainings that will walk them through key DOE systems as well as provide expert content guidance to insure school leaders understand standards aligned instruction. Monthly operational and/or instructional training sessions for the cohort of 2018 New Principals will be specifically crafted to support and address the needs of New Principals.

Assistant Principal Institute

Assistant Principals play a vital role as Instructional Leaders, as such, professional learning sessions will be targeted through the learning lens for administrators. Professional Learning topics will be presented in a series, allowing AP’s to deeply strengthen their professional learning on specific topics.

Professional Cycle of Learning / On-Site Support

In collaboration with each district, four schools nominated by Superintendents will take part in the FSC PCL model.