Internships with the Center for Understanding Biology using Imaging Technology

Scientific Internships:

At this time, CUBIT is not taking on additional interns. When we do, the open projects and application process will be listed here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Internships

Q: Is there an opportunity for a paid position?

A: We do not have any paid positions available.

Q: Who is eligible to apply for a CUBIT scientific internship?

A: Anyone! As long as you are interested in working on a scientific proposal, you can complete an internship. We've had high school, college, graduate and medical student interns. We've also had postdoctoral and visiting faculty interns. You do not have to be affiliated with Stony Brook. Also, since the internships involve mostly independent research, you can be located anywhere.

Q: Can I forward this website to a friend?

A: Of course. Anyone can apply for these internships when they are announced.