Hybrid systems and trusted autonomy


Hybrid systems combine discrete behaviors (such as software or state machines) with continuous behaviors (such as the physical world). A large number of applications can be viewed in this way including embedded systems, robotics, aerospace systems, process control and biological systems. Autonomous systems like self-driving cars and unmanned drones can also be analyzed using hybrid systems techniques. Models for hybrid systems often use combinations of state-machines and differential equations. The course covers modeling, design, analysis, and verification methods.

Class Information
Time: Monday and Wednesday from 10:00am to 11:20am
Aug 23, 2021 - Dec 6, 2021 (See SBU Academic Calendar for holiday list)

Location: Old CS Building 2120, also Zoom link on Blackboard

Office Hours
Professor office hours are Mondays 11:30am to 12:30pm (after class), or by appointment. Office hours are on zoom (the link is on a blackboard announcement). Please e-mail me beforehand if you plan to come.

TA office hours are on Wednesday afternoons 2-3pm (see blackboard announcement for link and hours). Please e-mail the TA (and cc me) beforehand if you plan to come.

Syllabus and Class Policies
Syllabus Link

Course Topics

  • Simulating Continuous and Discrete Systems

  • Formal Logic

  • Model Checking

  • Falsification

  • SAT & SMT Solving

  • Hybrid Automata and Reachability Analysis

  • Verification of Neural Networks

Course Professor

Stanley Bak
Stony Brook University
Department of Computer Science
Website: http://stanleybak.com