Empowering students at every level to have a VOICE and to ensure their needs are met with the appropriate grade level resources.

What is VOICE?

District-wide, K-12 program that will impact all students through implementation of a student empowerment initiative to ensure every student in the district develops the skills and belief system to advocate for themselves and their peers. This comprehensive program will

  • Develop student voices

  • Foster social and emotional learning

  • Provide executive functioning skills to ensure all students are comfortable and capable of functioning in a virtual world

  • Capability of reporting concerns they have about their safety, the well-being of others and the integrity of the learning environment.

Programming includes:

  • Student groups partnering within the school and throughout the district

  • Provide focused age-appropriate delivery of instruction on interpersonal skills to a myriad of topics while high school students will serve as role models to students in the lower grade levels.

  • In addition, the district-wide program will provide K-12 support for all SHS graduates to fulfill the SHS “Vision of the Graduate,” NEASC standard that we will be developing over the next 2 years.

Alicia Dawe and Ann Marie Houle presented VOICE to the Stonington Board of Education October 8, 2020. View the video of the presentation and review the slides below.

Alicia Presentation.mp4