Our People

Leadership Team

Sarah Martin

Associate Principals:
Gina Harduar, Katherine Jackson, Shoba Segar, Anita Unka and Hope Griffin

Teaching Teams

Year 0-2

Hub 1 | Akomanga Tahi

Sally Stanley, Lorna Kerse and Alysha Selby

Hub 2 | Akomanga Rua

Maysoun Rafeedie and Rachel Vester

Hub 5 | Akomanga Rima

Hilary Ironside, Shereen Ronson and Hanna Thomas

Hub 6 | Akomanga Ono

Bea Gardener and Pauline Howie

Year 3-4

Hub 7 | Akomanga Whitu

Lisa Gower and Courtney Mei Allen-Anderson

Hub 8 | Akomanga Waru
Sophie Atkinson, and Rochelle Rodrigo

Hub 9 | Akomanga Iwa

Jo Bishop, Matoia Record and Mikaela Ruttenberg

Year 5-6

Hub 11 | Akomanga Tekau mā Tahi

Jenn Noone and Haoyu Guo

Hub 12 | Akomanga Tekau mā Rua

Yubin Han and Bridget Donovan

Hub 13 | Akomanga Tekau mā Toru

Rangikahiwi Panapa, Hope Griffin, Nicola Shearer and Charley Collins


Hub 16 | Akomanga Tekau mā Ono

Zara Powdrill, Lucy Bennington and Sarah Holden

Hub 17 | Akomanga Tekau mā Whitu

Devon Mather Fabrello, Ollie Baker and Kelly Sauerman

Specialist Teaching Staff

Nathan Imboden:  Music Specialist
Katherine Wilcox:  Music Specialist
Klara Sinnamon: Visual Arts
Emma Clark: Visual Arts
Sarah Allen: STEAM
Helen Watson: STEAM
Lisa Huntley: STEAM

Learning Support Team

Our learning support team assists learners throughout the school, allowing for individualised attention within areas such as English as a Second Language. We are fortunate to have so many dedicated and talented staff members within these roles:
Annegrid Price
Bridget Glover
Chi Yoshizuka
Karen McDougall
Rachael Dobbs
Sumi Kane
Vijay Mauran
Michelle Emslie
Chelsea Johnson
Tyli Johnson
Mackayla Stolk
Swaleha Hoosen
Joe Jeremiah
Ashleigh Mackinven
Rachel Rambisheswar: Learning Support Admin

Office Team

Louise Sinnaduray:  Admin & Communications Lead
Sue Curlett: Reception & Enrolments
Sarah FJ: Reception
Dananka PeirisAccounts and  Payroll
Sacha Lowe: Resource Admin
Anna MalanLibrary

Stonefields School Board

Presiding Member: Shehan Sinnaduray

Principal: Sarah Martin

Staff Representative: Hope Griffin

Board Members: 

Matthew Wilcox

Stephanie Kotua

Mel Collings

Thur Borren

Board Secretary: 

Louise Sinnaduray

Stonefields Collaborative Trust

You are very welcome to participate in a range of professional learning visits arranged in conjunction with the Stonefields Collaborative Trust. This has been set up specifically, 'to provoke thought & action about learning & leading that matters'. Short, long, and bespoke visiting opportunities are available. Details, bookings and enquiries can be made by clicking on the button below.