Phonics First®

An Accredited Orton-Gillingham Program

October 28 & 29 and December 9 & 10, 2019

Phonics First®, Level I - Four Day Program

This comprehensive and highly intensive course provides teachers with the necessary strategies and tools to deliver high-quality Phonics First® lessons. Course content includes: alphabet and phonemic awareness strategies, the three-part drill for structured review, tactile/kinesthetic spelling techniques for phonetic and non-phonetic words, syllabication for multisyllable words and guidance for lesson plans and classroom implementation. Participants have opportunities for hands-on lesson practice with other participants.

What is Phonics First® ?

Once mastered, Brainspring’s flexible and dynamic Phonics First® approach is both a diagnostic and remedial tool that significantly benefits not only the dyslexic student, but also students with a wide variety of learning needs.

Course participants learn about current reading and dyslexia research, rationale for multisensory instruction, the stages of reading development and the Phonics First® instructional elements necessary for delivering quality, multisensory, code- emphasis reading lessons for critical decoding and encoding skill development. Learning is structured, sequential, systematic, cumulative and success-oriented. Emphasis is on teaching reading to beginning, struggling, at-risk, dyslexic, ELL and learning disabled readers grades K-5.

Phonics First® and Dyslexia

With the advent of NJ’s Dyslexia Legislation, schools are seeking ways to enhance teacher expertise in teaching reading.

- Phonics First ® provides a supplemental curriculum that teachers at all tiers can follow with varied intensity to meet student needs;

- Phonics First ® provides the necessary skill-base that all teachers need, regardless of which students they have, in order to effectively reach struggling and dyslexic learners;

- Phonics First ® provides teachers with a common language and seamless approach between regular education and intervention support; and

- Phonics First ® is a powerful, systematic, sequential and multisensory teaching tool used to differentiate instruction and reach ALL students.

Included with registration: All Teacher Materials

Additional Materials & Services*:

-Small-Group Student Kit*, $295 or 14 ETTC Hours

-Classroom Student Kit*, $295 or 14 ETTC Hours

-Classroom Coaching and Consultation available for Phonics First® Teachers

* Can be purchased at an additional cost

Not ALL Orton-Gillingham Programs Are Created Equal...Phonics First ® is accredited at the Teaching and Instructor of Teaching levels by:

- IDA (International Dyslexia Association)

- IMSLEC (International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council).

Phonics First ® Professional Development presented by Brainspring ®, Inc.

Established in 1991, Brainspring’s Phonics First® has been used successfully by thousands of trained educators in classroom, small-group and one-one-one settings with beginning, struggling, at-risk, dyslexic, ELL and learning disabled students.

Audience: Phonics First® is appropriate for Grades K-2 classroom teachers; K-5 intervention, BSI, resource, reading and special education teachers.

Dates: Monday, October 28, 2019, Tuesday, October 29, 2019, Monday December 9, 2019 and Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Cost: $1295 OR 56 ETTC Hour(s). For info on membership, call the ETTC.