School Administrator series at the SRI&ETTC

The SRI&ETTC is proud to partner with NJPSA-FEA, Legal One to offer professional development workshops for school administrators on Understanding the Law on Special Needs Students, Human Resources and Appropriate Communication in the Workplace. These workshops are appropriate for Superintendents, Principals, Assistant Principals, Supervisors, and Directors. Please review the descriptions below to see if the workshops can benefit your district.

Understanding the Law on Special Needs Students, Equity and Disproportionality Presented by the SRI&ETTC and NJPSA, FEA, Legal One

November 13, 2019, 9 am to 3 pm

Students with IEPs are entitled under state and federal law to fully participate in all aspects of school district's educational program, with appropriate modifications and accommodations, as appropriate. Where barriers exist to full participation school districts are legally obligated to identify and work to alleviate those barriers. In addition, significant legal issues arise when students in a particular racial or ethnic group are disproportionately identified as needing special education, are placed in certain disability categories, or where students with disabilities in certain racial or ethnic groups are more likely to be disciplined than their peers. In this workshop, participants will learn about new federal regulations that are now being implemented related to disproportionately, and will also learn about a series of related legal requirements concerning educational equity and students with disabilities. Finally, participants will learn about the specific actions that are required to be taken when these discrepancies are identified, and the legal consequences for failure to take effective action.

The Understanding the Law on Special Needs Students workshop will be presented by John Worthington, Esq., LEGAL ONE and former director of the NJDOE Office of Special Education.

Human Resources Survival Guide Presented by the SRI&ETTC and NJPSA, FEA, Legal One

December 6, 2019, 9 am to 3 pm

Whether you are a full-time Human Resources Director, or it is just one of many hats you wear, human resource management can be a legal minefield. Major new statutes, regulations and case law affect all you do. This one day workshop will cover key aspects of human resources where legal issues are likely to arise, including recruitment, hiring, staff retention, employee discipline, renewal and nonrenewal, tenure charges and termination, understanding employee rights (tenure,seniority, family leave, collective bargaining, First Amendment, etc.), responding to affirmative action complaints, outsourcing, and implementing the comprehensive equity plan.

The Human Resources Survival Guide workshop will be presented by David Nash, Esq., LEGAL ONE Director and Rebecca Gold, Interim Director of Human Resources, Hamilton Township School District.

Understanding Boundaries: Appropriate Communication in the Workplace Presented by the SRI&ETTC and NJPSA, FEA, Legal One

April 2, 2020, 9 am to 3 pm

Staff members need to understand the impact of their words and actions on their colleagues, and recognize the boundaries that should never be crossed in the workplace and beyond. This workshop will review statutory requirements and recent case law regarding sexual harassment and other forms of employment discrimination. Participants will also review recent cases where virtual boundaries were crossed through the use of social media and electronic communications. The impact of Healthy Workplace Environment policies will also be discussed. Finally, participants will consider various scenarios and determine the appropriate course of action to take, in light of state and federal law.

The Understanding Boundaries workshop will be presented by David Nash, Esq, Director of Legal One and Rebecca Gold, Former Director of Personnel and Administrative Services, Lawrence Township.