What We Do

Stockade Strategies

Bringing complex projects across the finish line and realizing the objectives of long-planned initiatives is challenging anywhere. In New York's Hudson Valley and Catskills regions it can be increasingly daunting. With sensitive ecosystems, rich cultural and historic resources and diverse populations, communities in these regions have a big stake in what happens around them and they aren't afraid to let you know about it. Yet many of these communities face very real economic challenges and their young people are often hard-pressed to find professional opportunities that can keep them close to their families and the region they call home. Stockade Strategies brings 25 years of experience in government and economic and community development to serve corporate, not-for-profit and municipal clients throughout the Hudson Valley and Catskills regions. A combined understanding of the priorities of regional communities and stakeholders along with the interests and objectives of private sector investors drives a consensus-building approach to project management and community development. Connecting like-minded stakeholders, engaging in strategic project planning and growing opportunities for future generations of stewards of some of the most culturally and environmentally significant communities in New York is Stockade Strategies' core mission.

Leveraging our knowledge of local, state and federal government processes, Stockade Strategies can assist you or your organization with:

- Strategic Planning

- Permit Approvals

- Zoning Approvals

- Grant Funding

- Project Inducements and Tax Benefits

- Regulatory Approvals

- Policy Advocacy


CONNECTING: Stockade Strategies understands that a collaborative approach to projects and initiatives is critical to success in the communities we serve. Tapping into a diverse network of government, business and community leaders, we aim to bring the right people to the table to drive outcomes and deliver on investment.


PLANNING: Strategic planning is key to success in complex projects. Stockade Strategies brings 25 years of project management experience, both from the government and corporate perspective, to bear on behalf of our clients. Identifying funding opportunities, leveraging support from third-party stakeholders and investing in strategic relationship-building all contribute to successful project plans.


GROWING TOGETHER: The most successful projects and organizations are ones that enjoy the maximum amount of support from a cross-section of political, business and community leaders. When communities are collaboratively invested in their success, just about anything is possible. Stockade Strategies understands the importance of this point and seeks at every opportunity to build consensus among stakeholders to drive sustainable and effective growth in our communities