Dear Parents or Guardians:

As we begin a new school year we are eager and excited to have your child(ren) in our physical education program. Our program is a cooperative venture between the physical education teachers, the parents and the students. Your child will be involved in a structured physical education class, which will incorporate both original units and lessons specific to their age appropriate skill level.

The goals for our students in physical education are:

To emphasize fun while increasing students’ levels of physical fitness.

To teach knowledge of rules and strategies when playing a game or activity.

To emphasize the self-satisfaction of giving one’s best effort, regardless of winning or losing.

To help all students become aware of their capabilities while participating in various activities.

To promote positive student interactions through physical activity.

For all students to have a safe and positive experience in physical education, the following expectations will need to be followed: All students will listen and follow the instructor’s directions. All students will try their best in all activities. All students will cooperate and work well with their classmates and instructor. All students will display a positive attitude while maintaining self-control. All students will participate in the activities scheduled unless a written reason is given. If an illness or injury persists, please have a doctor write a note explaining the restrictions your child has, as well as the duration of the injury or illness. All students have been reminded that they must wear tennis shoes or sneakers and socks during their physical education class. Fourth through eighth grade students are expected to have and wear their physical education uniforms.


Coach Mouton & Coach Iris