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St. Michael Catholic School Middle Level

Grades 5-8

Middle-level (Grades 5-8) students at St. Michael Catholic School benefit from a rigorous approach to all academic subjects including advanced mathematics options. Each day begins in a multiage homeroom called G.O.D. (Gathering of Disciples) Time where students build community and  pray together. Dedicated specialists provide instruction in music, band, physical education, technology and Spanish. Numerous enrichment and extracurricular activities round out the many offerings available to students. In addition, middle-level students mentor their younger schoolmates, growing deeper in the faith as they teach and model it to others.

 Meet The Middle Level Team

Ms. Perish

5th & 6th Grade Language Arts

5B Religion

At StMCS since 2001

Ms. Olson

5th & 6th Grade Social Studies

5A Religion

At StMCS since 2006

Mrs. Aschenbeck

5th & 6th Grade Math

6A Religion

At StMCS since 2006

Mrs. Contreras

7th & 8th Grade Science

7th Religion

At StMCS since 2017

Mrs. Berning

7th & 8th Social Studies

8th Grade Religion

At StMCS since 2007

Mrs. Nygard

5th & 6th Grade Science

6B Religion

At StMCS since 2007

Mrs. Bania

7th & 8th Grade Language Arts 

8th Grade Religion

At StMCS since 2022

Mrs. Gibbs

7th & 8th Grade Math

7th Grade Religion

At StMCS since 2019

Ms. Raiche

ML Math

At StMCS since 2023


Ms. Carpenter

5/6 Music

Mr. Fussy

Middle Level P.E.
7/8 Becoming Your Best 

Mr. Hendren

Middle Level Band

Señor Rodriguez


Helpful Resources

Written Directions for Covering Books 

Covering Books

Video Directions for Covering Books