Sailing into Second Grade

Mrs. Johnson's Class 

Peek at the Week

Day 1 May 29-June 1.pdf

Second Grade Procedures

Second Grade Procedures 2022.pdf

Weekly Schedule

Weekly schedule 2022-23.pdf

Week of First Communion Details

Week of FC details 2023.pdf

First Communion Information

First Communion guidelines 2023.pdf

 Anchored in our Faith 


Wednesday, March 29th (2J only)

Wednesday, April 26th  (2J and 2B combined)


First Reconciliation - Saturday, March 25 @ 9:30am

First Communion - Sunday, April 23 @ 11:00am

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Mrs. Lynn Johnson

Second Grade Teacher

763.497.3887  ext 517

Hold my hand, God, lead the way. 

Help me be good every day.

Let me know what's wrong and right. 

Keep me safe, day and night.

Let me know what you have planned. 

Lead the way, God, hold my hand.  Amen.