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by: Lukas Philipp-Tajcnar '20

Two weeks ago, we embarked on our final retreat together as a grade level. Our sights were set on the welcoming and caring atmosphere that Camp luther provided for us for the 3 days we stayed there. Being a retreat leader myself, among 11 others which the grade had chosen, I had the responsibility of creating an unforgettable and bond forming 3 days that would weld our grade together for the remainder of the school year.

The decision of having a retreat at the beginning of the year rather than in April definitely was the right one. During those three days, it was clearly visible that everyone in some way shape or form, went through an emotional change.Whether this had been mending a friendship, creating a new relationship, or opening up about something that had occurred in their lives in the small group sessions, we grew closer together as a collective. I had the privilege of leading a small group session and during the 5 meetings, I could feel the care and support that each and every one of us has for one another. There were no strange looks or smirk comments, only acceptance and advice. Each member contributed to the best of their ability and we all were able to benefit.

Additionally, I, along with Julianna, was tasked with running the teacher panel. During this hour and a half, we asked 5 teachers various questions about life. I was pleasantly surprised by how honest and detailed the teachers answered all of the questions, no matter how personal or funny there were.

However, what surprised me the most throughout the extended weekend was the childish and analog state everyone seemed to revert back to. I rarely saw anyone on their phones unless they were taking pictures. The whole grade had used those days to unplug from whatever was stressing them out. The boys went back to playing soccer, racing each other (Wesley is the undisputed MVP) and having ragers in the cabins (Mr Hall, we love you). The simplicity of fooling around and “being boys” seems to beat out everything life has to offer.

As the next week began, I could feel the impact the retreat had had on our grade in the hallways. Everyone smiled at each other and made sure we were all feeling alright. I just hope that we can continue to foster the connections we made and keep the caring and supportive environment that has been so important for many of us in the halls and classrooms.

Of course I would like to extend a huge thank you to all the teachers who made the retreat possible but most importantly I want to thank you guys for the class of 2020 for making the experience one I will cherish forever. <3