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Illustrative Mathematics

Integrating curriculum, professional learning and community

We understand that it’s challenging for teachers to find resources to support students in building an enduring understanding of mathematics. Only the IM Certified Experience helps teachers catalyze mathematical proficiency with an engaging and inclusive approach that lifts students up to the skills, understandings, and practices that will stay with them for a lifetime. IM K–12 Math gives you exclusive access to engaging content and professional learning and to an inclusive community.

Illustrative Mathematics Curriculum

We are using Illustrative Mathematics as a curriculum for math in Jr. High this year.

"IM K–12 Math™ is fully aligned to the focus, rigor, and coherence of the standards, and has been given the stamp of approval by EdReports, earning perfect scores in the areas of Focus & Coherence and Rigor & Mathematical Practices. The scope and sequence of units, activities, and representations are designed to help students develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, build fluency with procedures, and solve mathematical problems that reflect their lived experiences."

More information about Illustrative Mathematics can be found here.

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