3rd Grade


I used Tux Paint for my self-portrait. I used an oval for my head. I used circles for my eyes. I used circles for my ears. I liked it because I got to paint.

Marshmallow Challenge

I was helping with holding it and just a little bit and putting on some tape. I was taking same picture. My friends Gavin, Bishop, Camila and I were building a spaghetti and tape, marshmallow string building. My idea was putting spaghetti on the tape and putting the string on the ground with tape on the ground. My team had fighting and I was upset. Our tower fell down. We did this to see if somebody's tower will stand up. We learned from our mistakes. The other team won.

My Scratch Leaning Projects

I completed my Scratch learning projects by using Scratch to finish my work. I did Animate. I did Spin. I did Grow and Shrink. I did Move Forever. I did Dance Twist. I did Key Moves. I did Glide. I did Follow the Mouse. I did Change Color and Moving Animate. I also did Move to a Beat. My favorite one is spin. You can see my Scratch projects here.