7th Grade


New Year, New You

Embrace and Be Kind

Always Remember: You are a Beautiful Child of God and You are Meant for Greatness!


We've been seeing some dress code issues in the 7th grade, so here are some friendly reminders taken from the handbook, which can be found on the St. Mark School website (student handbook):

  • Hair dye/highlights are not permitted. Hair is to be a student’s natural color, clean and neatly styled and may not obstruct vision

  • Haircuts for boys should be above their ears, eyebrows, and collars

  • Make-up is not permitted for school wear

  • Only clear nail polish is allowed with nails properly maintained. Artificial nails are not permitted

  • Girls may wear earrings. Only one pair of small posts may be worn on the earlobes

  • One bracelet and one ring per hand

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