Marae Visit 2017

The Marae Visit

It was Thursday 28th September 2017, the school was getting ready and packed to go to the marae, Te Pai O Hauraki. Telling by how much we were talking just by lining up the school St Joseph's Paeroa was obviously jubilant and exhilarated to go.

We were welcomed with a powhiri, a traditional Maori welcome. After the powhiri, the kids sang a few waiata´s and said a karakia to start the day at the marae. They also managed to learn a few things about the history of Te Pai O Hauraki, like the two chiefs who started this tribe 100 to 200 years ago and the experience whaea matere had growing up on the marae.

We settled in the marae and prepared ourselves for kapa haka practice, during kapa haka the kids learn new songs to be sung at the maori cultural festival that we were coming up. We practiced singing to:

Te Karakia O te Atua

(The lordś prayer)

Tutira Mai Nga Iwi

Our own school haka

E te Ariki

E ihowa

(Lord, cover me my lord).

After 2 hours of practice and morning tea, lunch was ready. For lunch we had a hangi and steamed pudding, lunch was a delight, especially the steamed pudding.

After lunch we had to clean the dishes and help clean the wharekai (kitchen) , it was polished thanks to the kids who were extremely helpful in the kitchen and the dining hall. We took a few photos with the whole school and the parents who helped to get us to the marae, we said our thanks to Matua and the welcomers for the amazing marae visit we had.

We would like to give special thanks to whaea matere and matua who invited us to join the day with her at the marae who gave up their time for Saint Joseph’s Paeroa to practice at Te Pai O Hauraki marae, and for those who hosted the powhiri, also to the parents who helped with transport.

Shaneil and Paora