Welcome to St. Joseph Preschool!

Our purpose is to provide your child with a creative environment to learn about God, to make friends, and to play and to practice readiness skills to prepare for Kindergarten.

This preschool program is designed to meet the developmental needs of children- physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially.  We provide an atmosphere that promotes security and self-confidence.  All of the activities are designed to allow the children to succeed both individually and in groups.  Children are given the opportunity to develop logical thinking patterns, concentration skills, listening skills, and language skills.  Math is introduced in concrete form.  Experiments in science are a regular part of the curriculum.  Children learn to care for their school environment, both indoor and outdoor.  There are endless opportunities for learning.

We stress the joyful love of God for us, and teach that our service to others is a direct reflection of God’s love.  We strive to promote an attitude of respect and concern for each other, encouraging an atmosphere rich in social grace and courtesy.  Our goal is to offer children a loving, secure, and purposeful environment that will nurture a true excitement and joy for learning, fostering a positive attitude toward school.

The curriculum is engaging, fun and hands-on.  Our teachers are passionate, caring and highly credentialed educators.  Contact the St. Joseph School Office at 270-842-1235 to set up a tour or contact the Preschool Director, Cindy Mills at cmills@stjosephschoolbg.org for more information.


St. Joseph Preschool is licensed and certified through the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services.  The Preschool staff is certified in First Aid and CPR. Continuing Education is a yearly requirement for all Preschool staff.