Adventures in 4th

Hello! I am so beyond excited for this school year!!! We will have an amazing year working, learning, and growing together! We will be using this site throughout the year for many different things, but mostly for showing our families all the awesome things we are up to :)

Students will take turns posting the news on our site, as well as posting special writings, drawings and other creations.

We will also be sharing photos of our adventures! So check back often to follow our Fourth Grade Adventures!!!

Solar Eclipse Day 2017!

We had an AMAZING day observing the solar eclipse!

September 11th -

We Remember the heroes

Our class focused on remembering the heroes that emerged during the tragic events of September 11th. We talked about bravery in the face of fear and how God calls us to live in faith every day!

Longitude & Latitude battleship

To practice the skill of finding longitude and latitude, we enjoyed a friendly game of battleship!

Candy corn chemistry

We did an experiment to find out what will dissolve a candy corn the fastest - water, vinegar, baby oil or lemon lime soda. Ask your student what dissolved their candy corn the fastest!

Pumpkin Catapults

In Science class, we are learning about simple machines. The students had to work together in a group to use the given materials to design, build and practice using a catapult.

Each group worked to plan their catapult and build a prototype. After each build, students came to test their catapult and made changes to their machine based on the results of the launch.

Working together to design and build the catapult allowed us to practice listening to others as well as problem solve in a group setting!

The Treasure of Heaven

The Treasure of

We has so much fun putting together our 4th grade chapel message!

Candy House Fun

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

One World Art Experience

We are so excited to share our art with kids from other countries! Mrs. Aszterbaum will helping us learn about other cultures through this awesome experience! Our art goes to a school in a different country and we will be sent some of their art. After we have time to discuss, we will actually get to talk to the kids whose art we are looking at somewhere across the world! We are so excited and will keep you posted!

Building A Pumpkin Pulley

Our STEM challenge for the month of October was to build a pulley that would lift a small pumpkin. The class divided in teams, with each team specializing in a certain area of the pulley! They did great. Team work makes the dream work!

Merry Christmas from the 4th Grade

One World Art Update

We were able to check out the art from other schools around the world! So Cool!!!! As time goes on, we will get to have a meeting with the kids who made this art through Skype! So exciting!!

Happy 100th Day of School!!!!!