St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

Mass Times

All Masses can be attended in person and will be streamed. See below.


Sunday 9:00 AM



Saturday 5:30 PM



Tuesdays 9:00 AM

First AND Third Wednesdays 9:00am Holy Hour followed by Mass



1/2 hour before weekend Masses

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UPDATED Guidelines from Bishop DeGrood:

"Our faith informs us that attendance at Sunday Mass is essential for the wellbeing of the faithful whenever reasonably possible. Therefore, effective on August 22, 2020, the general dispensation to attend Sunday Mass has been lifted and the Sunday obligation restored for all the faithful except those at increased risk of serious illness."

Celebration of Mass : All faithful and staff should have full access to sacraments, liturgies and other ministries. Pastors are asked to normalize the parish’s use of liturgical ministers wherever possible, including the Mass procession.Holy Water may be restored to Holy Water receptacles in church for those who choose to use it.

Please spread the word for those at increased risk of serious illness that all Masses will be live streamed on Facebook under "Gregg Frankman." , with the exception of those at St. Peter's . Go to NE SD Catholic churches .

* An offering basket will be placed on the Offertory table to put your offering when entering or when leaving Mass.


St. Anthony’s, Browns Valley; St. John’s, Rosholt; St. Kateri's, Sisseton; St. Peter’s, Sisseton

After consultation with Bishop Kettler and Bishop DeGrood, along with giving your respective Parish Council members opportunity for input, the following will be the Mass schedule for our four parishes.


  • December, January, February

— Saturday evening: St. John’s at 5:30 pm

— Sunday morning: St. Anthony’s at 9:00 am

  • March, April, May

-- Saturday evening: St. Anthony’s at 5:30 pm & St. Kateri’s at 5:30 pm

— Sunday morning: St. John’s at 9:00 am & St. Peter’s at 11:00 am

** Since Sisseton has both a Saturday and Sunday Mass, the Sunday Mass will always be at 11:00 am.

** Fr. Brian Simon has offered to preside at all Saturday evening Masses in Sisseton.

— If Fr. Brian Simon is unable to come for any particular Saturday evening Mass, parishioners from both Sisseton parishes can attend Mass at St. Peter’s at 11:00 am.

  • I am required to offer one Mass for the Lord’s Day and one Mass on Holy Days for the Spiritual and Temporal Welfare of the People. This Mass Intention can be prayed in one parish for parishioners of all parishes.

— Schedule for this Mass Intention:

First weekend of the month = St. Peter’s

Second weekend of the month = St. Anthony’s

Third weekend of the month = St. John’s

Fourth & Fifth weekends of the month = St. Kateri’s

  • Holy Days: Because of the distances, there will be one Mass in Sisseton at St. Peter's, one Mass at St. John's; and one Mass at St. Anthony's. [Parish Council chairpersons will advise me on schedule]

  • Daily Mass Schedule: * all daily Masses will be live streamed during the pandemic*

— Mondays: No Mass [my day of rest]

— Tuesdays: Browns Valley Health Care Center at 10:00 am [During the pandemic Mass will be at St. John's in Rosholt at 10:00 am]

— First & Third Wednesdays: St. John’s 10:00 am

— Second & Fourth Wednesdays: St. Peter's at 9:00 am

— Thursdays Sisseton [rotation]:

- First Thursday = St. Peter’s at 5:00pm *Day of Adoration beigns at 9:00 am*

- 2nd & 4th Thursdays = Tekawitha Center at 8:45 am **CLOSED to the public during the pandemic**

- Third Thursday = Assisted Living Center at 9:00 am [During the pandemic Mass will be at St Peter's in Sisseton]

— Fridays: Rosholt Countryside Living Center at 2:00 pm **CLOSED to the public during the pandemic**


*Please pick up offertory envelopes in the back of the church.

*Starting December 5th, we will be having Saturday night mass at 5:30pm. This will be for the months of December, January, and February.

*Next Parish Council Meeting will be December 2nd at 7pm.

*Immaculate Conception of the Blesses Virgin Mary Mass will be December 8th at 5:30pm.

*Updated Guidelines for Liturgies and other Ministry Activities in Parishes:

  1. Persons with symptoms of an illness are asked to stay home.

  2. Please be prudent about practicing social distancing and healthy hygiene.

  3. We will gradually remove the ropes to allow for more seating.

  4. We will normalize the parish's use of liturgical ministries.

  5. Holy Communion can be received on the tongue or hand. You may also ask to receive after Mass.

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Bishop DeGrood Message to Faithful - A Modification to the Dispensation

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