St. John Berchmans Second Grade

Lots of love and oh so lucky!

We have been very busy in February and March! We spent a lot of time over the last few weeks preparing for our First Reconciliation! I am so proud of everyone for working hard and really thinking about what they should tell God. It was a wonderful prayer service and now we have our First Communion to look forward to!

In February we spent time celebrating Valentine's Day. We talked about what love is what love feels like. We worked on ABC order as we passed out our Valentine's and had a fun day celebrating!

We started March off with our favorite March Mad Minutes Party! We read a bunch of Dr. Seuss books, but decided to make our hats from Horton Hears a Who! We hope our class read the most minutes! Everyone wanted to keep reading during morning work and quiet time to get extra reading in!

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a fun descriptive writing activity. We created wanted signs for leprechauns and then made a directed drawing of our wanted leprechaun! We searched for any leprechaun evidence on Friday morning! Look at what we found! We then celebrated with fun and interactive math centers! We started with graphing Lucky Charms and even followed direction on hundreds charts to color two pictures!

Catholic schools week

We began Catholic Schools Week by researching planets for our Science Fair project! We studied the eight planets plus the sun and moon! Each student was in charge of learning about one of them and then they created a model and poster board to teach us about their planet, sun or moon. We had the BEST time learning about the solar system and everyone's projects turned out great! We are ready to begin another research project!

Throughout the week, we did many activities that revolved around our amazing school! We made blessing bags for the homeless with our Faith partners. We wrote about reasons we love SJB. We celebrated our 100th day of school with fun center activities. We ended our week with a pep rally and pizza lunch! We had a great week and love that we are apart of the wonderful SJB community.

Here are some other pictures from January that we wanted to share with all of you!


Time is flying in second grade! This past month we have been busy lighting the world with kindness!

We started off Advent with Faith Partner Fun Day. We created candy canes out of pipe cleaners and beads and talked about the meaning of the candy cane and Jesus. We then watched a movie and had a snack with the ocean buddies. We love getting together with our faith partners!

We received a special delivery from The North Pole! An elf to watch us at school and report back to Santa. We named him Darth Vader and loved seeing what he was up to each day. He left us messages from Santa and did some pretty silly things throughout his time in our room. We will definitely miss him!

During the last 15 days of school before Christmas, we did The Gift of Kindness. We performed one random act of kindness each day. We passed out candy canes to every teacher, made cards for soldiers and people in nursing homes, invited someone to play with us at recess, and overall showing kindness in our classroom.

We ended December with our Polar Express Day! It was a fun-filled day with a lot of book comprehension activities followed by the watching the movie with some special treats!

We created a lot of different art projects this month and had a lot of fun celebrating the Christmas and Advent Seasons!

Happy New Year! Looking forward to a great 2018 with a lot of exciting things to come!


We spent most of November talking about all the things that we are thankful for! Thanksgiving is a great time to remind each other of all the great things we have in our life. We did a lot of projects that focused on being thankful and even made Thanksgiving cards for local firefighters and police officers. We spent 12 days writing one thing we are thankful for and a reason why. Some of the many things we are thankful include: family, friends, school, our teachers, homes, and food.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with a Thanksgiving Feast for everyone in 1st-3rd grade. We were in charge of decorating place cards for each student. We all got to sit by other students and really enjoyed the delicious food! Thank you to everyone who helped out!

We got to spend time with our Faith Partners and worked together on making a turkey and necklaces out of fruit loops. We really love getting together with the Ocean Buddies and helping them with the projects we make.

Halloween and Nature Field Trip

October seems to have come and gone so fast! We had a very busy month and now are getting ready for Thanksgiving.

We really enjoyed our Halloween this year! Everyone had very creative costumes and had a blast at Halloween Fest! We did a directed drawing before heading to the fest and created our own sugar skulls. They all turned out so unique! Thank you to the parent volunteers that came in for our little class party. We made spider webs with yarn and popsicle sticks and spiders out of tootsie pops and pipe cleaners. We ended the day watching a Halloween movie helping us relax after a fun filled day!

We worked for two weeks on writing our own stories about Fall. We started with a graphic organizer to get our thoughts on paper. Who are the main characters, where does the story take place, and what the main idea is. We then wrote what we want to have in the beginning, middle, and end. After we had our thoughts written, everyone wrote a rough draft. I sat with them and we read the story together and made corrections. Then they were ready for their final draft and pictures! Everyone took their time to make sure that they made their final draft look perfect! We then shared them with the class before sending them home to read with our families.

We finished up Halloween week with a candy corn experiment. We put candy corn into four different solutions: water, water and baking soda, water and vinegar, and salt water. We made predictions about what would happen and then let the candy corn sit in the solution for 5 minutes. We went back and wrote what we noticed happen and then shared with the whole class.

We started the month of November with a field trip to Emily Oaks Nature Center! It was a cold day, but we had a ton of fun! We went on a guided senses walk through the trail and used different senses and tools to help us discover more about nature! We had a blast playing at the park when we were finished too!

Pumpkins, Pumpkins everywhere!

We have been working hard learning about Fall and pumpkins! We are enjoying the beautiful weather and getting to play outside everyday! We are hoping the fall weather will stick around so we can enjoy it more.

We spent a whole week learning about pumpkins. We read the book From Seed to Pumpkin and then created a pumpkin lifecycle chart. We also worked together and used our senses to describe the inside and outside of a pumpkin. We finished out the week taking out all the seeds and as a table made groups of 10. We then added all of the table seeds together and our total was 541!

Fr. Wayne came in to teach us Religion. He will come in once a month to teach us! We had a lot of questions to ask and we are excited for his next visit so we can ask him more.

We did our first directed drawing of the year! Directed drawing gives everyone the chance to be an artist! I read the step-by-step instructions and drew mine on the board while each student was able to make their own. We made Frankenstein and they all turned out great! Everyone took their time and made their very own drawing and it's so fun to see them turn out so different!

We have been working hard in our reading centers and have enjoyed getting to do all five centers each day. We spend about 10-15 minutes in each center focusing on a different skill.

  • Word Work: Students have the chance to work on their spelling words and sight words. We use spelling and sight word tic-tac-toe and they have the chance to write the words in all different ways.
  • Work on Writing: Students work on a different writing piece for the week. This changes every week to every other week and it goes along with what we are learning about in Writer's Workshop.
  • iPads: Students have the chance to play either a math, reading, or spelling game. Some days I choose for them and other days they get to choose for themselves. This gives them a chance to work on their own and enjoy using the iPad.
  • Read to Self: Students work on reading at their level. They also can choose any book that they want to read as well. This is done on their own and helps them become a more fluent reader. They will keep the same books in their bin for a few days and then get to change them out.
  • Teacher Table: Students work in small groups with me. We work on different reading and writing skills together. This gives me an opportunity to help in a small group setting.

End of September and Beginning of october

We have been busy getting into the swing of things and have made it through the first six weeks of school!

We started working in all five centers during reading. Each center last for 10-15 minutes as we are still building our stamina. We work on word work, writing, read to self, working with the teacher, and iPads. Each day is something a little different and everyone seems to enjoy completing each center.

This week we learned about apples and wrote informative paragraphs about them. We also made an apple and listed different facts about them. We learned that there are over 7,000 different kinds of apples! We even had an apple taste test to end our week!

We helped the third graders pick fresh tomatoes from the garden during recess.

This week we had a special visit from a Chicago Fire Fighter! We got to ask questions and learn about some important fire safety rules for school and home.

We did our first reader's theater this week! We had three groups and everyone had a role in the play! We worked all week on our reading fluency to make sure we paused at the end of a sentence and had to follow the lines so we knew when it was our turn to talk. It was a lot of fun and we can't wait to do it again!

My little sister is in town this weekend from college, so she stopped by to read us a story! We got to ask her a bunch of questions and had a great visit with her.

Enjoy the three day weekend!

First Weeks of School!

Here is a look at all of the fun things that we have been doing since school began!

We started the year off getting to know one another and talking about how we can become closer to God. We water colored crosses and wrote on them to remember how we will become closer to Him this year!

This year we are going to become Mathematicians. We spent one day discussing what it means to be one and what kinds of tools we need. We made our own mathematicians and wrote how we will be one this year.

We met our faith partners for our first Faith Partner Fun Day! We are partners with the Ocean Buddies Pre-K classroom. We made one decade of the rosary out of pipe cleaners and beads. We even got to play outside with them too!

We have spent a lot of time talking about respect and what it looks like and sounds like. We talked about poems and then we each made our own acrostic poem about respect. We have them hanging up in our classroom so that we remember that this classroom shows respect to one another!

Second grade has been writing a lot and after our literacy centers, each student has an opportunity to share what they wrote with us. They get to sit on the special stool and share their writing! We also work on our reading skills with a partner read to end our reading story for the week.

We are so excited about a great school year! Make sure to check back every two weeks to see all of the amazing things that are happening in 2nd Grade!