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Welcome Back to a New School Year!

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic! The 5th Grade didn't waste any time getting back to work!

Our Time Capsule

Every year I start out making a time capsule. In the capsule I have the students place a letter to their future self's , a string the length of their height , a worksheet with a list of the things they like, and some other objects. I then I place it under the big rock in the Altgeld garden and leave it under there for the entire school and the last week of school I lift the rock and then the students get see even in a short period time things have changed!

More Pictures from a Busy Month of May !

There was a lot going on this May! It started with the always fun filled Around the World Night and ended with the wonderful production of the Wizard of Oz! (Special thanks should go to Mr. Arkenberg for all his hard work in putting that all together.) In between the Fifth Grade kept busy with Math, Social Studies and Science. Here are a few pictures showing a sampling of some of their work!.

Update on May Happenings!

I was looking at the 5th grade blog and noticed that the pictures I intended to show didn't download properly. So I have updated the blog and here are the pictures that should have been there in the first place.

Around the World Night 2019

Another successful Around the World Night happened on Thursday, May 9th. This year the Fifth Graders represented the country of Scotland. There was a lot to learn about this country. We had good food and friends stopped by our classroom. I want to thank all the students and parents who were so helpful and made this evening a great event!

The Spiritual Olympics 2019

On April 18th St. John Berchmans had their 3rd Annual Spiritual Olympics! What a great way to start the Easter season. The theme this year was kindness. As you can see our faith partners were getting into the spirit of things by giving rides to some of the fifth graders! I would also like to take this moment to wish all a happy and blessed Easter!

Happy St. Patrick's Day From Grade 5!

March Mad Minutes Kickoff!

The Chicago History Museum Design Challenge!

The Chicago History Museum Design Challenge

This year the Chicago History Museum sent me an email about entering a Design Challenge the museum was starting this year. I filled out an entry form and St. John Berchmans Fifth Graders were one of the few schools that were chosen for this event. I hads signed up for this in November. When I went to the workshop I thought to myself I may have gotten myself and the fifth graders into something that was way beyond their ability to do. Well, I should never underestimate the ability of SJB Fifth Graders. They rose up to the challenge and we ended up with 4 great designs which be presented in front of the other school that were chosen and some of the museum staff. The presentations will happen on Wednesday, March 6th. Here are what the prototypes look like as of today. Some still need a little finishing touches but, for the most part they are completed. Great Job Grade 5!

Here are some pictures of the FIfth Gradersworking on their design projects and some of their great designs.

Happy Valentines Day!

The Fifth Graders really got into the spirit of Valentine's Day! We even arrangedthe desks in the shape of a heart!

Catholic Schools Week 2019!

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

The start of work and the Jazz Era!

We continued are Catholic Schools week with Twin Day and dress as someone 100 years ago! We had news boys and girls, flappers, a guy at the beach, men going to work and even Teddy Roosevelt showed up!

1919 Football Player

Going to Work in 1919

The Suffergettes

The Suffragettes

1919 Beachwear!

Catholic Schools Week 2019

Science Fair and Faith Partner Activity

Last week was cold, but we were able to get a few activities in before the Polar Vortex hit. The Science Fair and The Faith Partner Activity were two of them, We also decorated our door which featured our focus this year of Kindness. We also were able to do dress like a staff member. There were a lot of students dressed like me!

Explorer's Report Project

Today the Fifth Graders started their explorer presentation. We still have some more explorers to listen to tomorrow but so far all the reports have been well done and each year I learn more about these explorers! Here are a few pictures of sme of the students dressed as an explorer.

Explorer's Report Project

Today the Fifth Graders started their explorer presentation. We still have some more explorers to listen to tomorrow but so far all the reports have been well done and each year I learn more about these explorers! Here are a few pictures of sme of the students dressed as an explorer.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wishing everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving! I am thankful for these amazing children that you send to school each day and that I have the privilege of teaching them.

Thanksgiving is here and we all had a great day with current friends, old friends and new friends!

Halloween is almost here!

Halloween is fast approaching and the Fifth Graders have been getting our room ready ! We also finished up Our Day of the Dead field trip with a lunch provided by the parents of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. There was so much great food! Special thanks goes to -Mrs Rios, Anihi Rios, Mrs. Brophy, Claudia Moreno, and Jennifer Coronal the fifth grade mom's and a sister for helping serve the food and helped with the sugar skulls. Finally, a great big thanks to Third Grade teacher -Ms. Engel for coordinating the whole trip and lunch! Well done Ms. Engel!

Also thanks goes out to Edgar's mom for helping us make the candy corns on a string art for the Halloween Fest and thanks to Edgar for craving the small pumpkin.

Our Trip to the Mexican Museum of Art

The Fifth Grade Class went to the Mexican Museum of Art and saw an art exhibit on the Day of the Dead. It was quite interesting to get to know more about the customs and traditions of the Mexican culture. We look forward to our Day of the Dead activity next week of making sugar skulls followed up with a celebration of some great Mexican food!

Walk to School Day


Wednesday, October 10th was Walk to School Day and the Fifth Grade had a lot of fun getting together in front of the Logan Building for this annual event! We walked, skated, biked, and some even took their scooter to school on this day. Even I took the bus!


Welcome Back to School


It was a great start to the new school year. As you can see the Altgeld Building received new wooden floors this year.

Field day 2018

Our Field trip to Navy Pier!

Even though it was cold and foggy we still managed to have a great time seeing the city from a boat on Lake Michigan. Then Navy Pier was a lot of fun too! Here are a few pictures from our trip!

Around the world night


Grade 5

Happy Easter!

The Week of the Young Child

Making Kindness Stones with our Faith Partners

For the Week of the Young Child the Fifth Graders got together with their Faith Partners and each of them made a kindness stone. The students were allowed to keep their stones. The Fifth Graders wanted to place their kindness stones in the Altgeld Garden by the statue of St. Francis as a reminder to not only be kind at home but to be kind in school as well!

Our field trip to the museum of science and industry

A Busy Week for 5th Grade!

This was a busy week for Fifth Grade! We had Pi Day, our Walk for Peace, and we celebrated St. Patrick's Day!

Pi Day Activity

Measuring the diameter of the circular table and then multiply by Pi to find the circumference.

The Fourth Graders walking with us to church.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

You might be able to tell by the photo but each student is wearing a plaid or green tie or bow tie.

Weather Sketchers

Happy Valentine's Day!


Fifth Grade


Catholic Schools Week 2018

Catholic School's Week started out great with a Family Mass and open house. Grade 5 got into the spirit of the week by cheering on the students and teachers in Jeopardy. Then working with our Faith Partners on our Blessing Bags. .We also decorated our door with a "Minion " reasons we love 5th grade.We celebrated 100 days of schoolby sharing 100 things and finally cheering the teachers and 8th graders in the h basketball game! Congratulations 8th graders on winning the basketball game! I would like to thank all the parents, students, faculty , and staff who made this another successful Catholic Schools Week!

Ringing in the New Year!

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St. John Berchmans

Fifth Grade

All Are Welcome to the Fifth Grade Blog!

We Are the Church!

International Walk to School Day!

Our Chicago Scrapbook Project

By Grade Five

Last Week in Fifth Grade


Happy Halloween from Grade 5!

We Ran into some old friends and new friends !

The Native American Culture

With the Thanksgiving Holiday upon us, the 5th grade took time to honor our Native American Culture!

Our Totem Pole

Happy Thanksgiving!

March Starts Out With A Roar for Fifth Grade!

This March started with a lot of activities for the Fifth Grade. We started with a rally for March Mad Minutes. We made crazy hat in honor of Dr. Suess Day and received our March mad Minutes Reading Logs and all the activities throughout the month of March to promote Reading!. Then we presented our garden designs at the History Museum of Chicago! Getting our prototypes on and off the bus was a small challenge but they all made it to the museum with a few easily fixed minor damages due to the high winds that day. We set up our prototypes and then were told the days itinerary and then we were told to go to our designs and the judges would come around and ask us questions about our design. What a great jb the Fifth Grade did in explaining their project and answering questions. I saw many poised, friendly, and confident children and was very proud of all of them. Now, the next step, is to actually make their ideas into a reality!

Here are some pictures from The March Mad Minutes Rally and The Design Challenge at the History Museum of Chicago.