What is AVID?

AVID is an academic elective class offered during the school day.

AVID helps prepare students for college and trade school.

AVID is Advancement Via Individual Determination.

What do students learn and do in the AVID Elective?

Students learn skills that help them be successful in school:

  • Problem Solving

  • Organization with binder and planners

  • Team building & how to work with others

  • Advocating and leadership skills

  • Critical thinking with weekly tutorials

  • College and career options

Who are potential AVID students?

AVID students are motivated students who are willing to work hard with additional support.

AVID students are often:

  • B and C students

  • Motivated to learn

  • First generation college students

  • Students with special circumstances

  • From underrepresented populations

AVID is Advancement Via Individual Determination