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Monday, April 15, 2024  |  Day 6

Celebrating Neurodiversity Week from April 15-19

Welcome to Celebrating Neurodiversity Week! This week aims to transform how neurodivergent people are perceived and supported by their communities and to recognise the many skills and talents of neurodivergent individuals and their contributions to our school and the wider community. 

Today we will have a fun activity in the student lounge…come and join us to see what it is!

Every day this week we will be having a topic for discussion during Advisor group which will be prompted by a question. Please discuss with your advisor group. Remember there are no wrong answers, we are just opening the topic up for discussion to see what we can learn from each other!

Today’s question is: What does the term "neurodiversity" mean to your advisor group?

View the Neurodiversity Week Schedule Here


Congratulations to Iris King and Jamie Nathaniel who will be representing St. George's at the Junior and Senior QAIS public speaking competition to be held at LCC on Wednesday, April 17th.

Grade 9 CPR Class - Reminder: Wednesday April 17

All Grade 9 students are asked to arrive at school by 8:15 a.m. in order to ensure an 8:30 a.m. start to the day’s activities. All students are asked to go directly to the gymnasium when they arrive at school. Students need to dress in comfortable clothing as they will be sitting and working on gym mats.

For those students with existing certifications, the course will serve as a refresher, and these students will be able to assume leadership roles in the group work component of the session.

Nintendo Switch on Fridays

On Fridays during lunch, you may play video games like Just Dance, Super Smash Bros & Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch in the fitness centre. Please see Roy to set it up. 

Please adhere to the following rules:

*This privilege will be removed if the rules are not followed.

Toy Drive for the Shriners Hospital and Sarah’s Floor at the Montreal Children’s Hospital

Hello students! As part of our Grade 11 Integrative Project, we are planning on organizing a toy drive for the Shriners Hospital and Sarah’s Floor at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. If you do not know, the Shriners Hospital specializes care to children with orthopedic, muscular and neuromuscular conditions, and Sarah’s Floor, is the ward that treats kids diagnosed with cancer at the Montreal Children's Hospital. 

How to help? Please bring PACKAGED STORE BOUGHT toys to school. There will be designated boxes in the student lounge. Make sure that the toys are unopened and undamaged because the hospitals will not accept otherwise. 

Each grade will be assigned designated age groups:

Deadline to bring toys: May 3rd

With your support, you can bring joy to many children!
Josh Grossman and Talia Baily

– High School Cafeteria –

Message from Valerie: Saporito sandwich competition starting today!

James and myself are having a friendly competition, and will be trying out some new sandwiches over the next few weeks.
We are asking for your help in voting for the best sandwich!   

There is a box next to the cash to cast your vote for which sandwich you prefer. Voting will be anonymous.
As a bonus, we are offering a free cookie or juice box with the purchase of the featured sandwiches! 

The end goal is to add new sandwIches to our menu so we appreciate your support, and feel free to send us your suggestions for the future! 

Thank you!
Val and James


Wednesday, April 12

– Grade 7 Social Science Integration - Exploration of Old Montreal and Chinatown from 9:45 a.m.-12:00 p.m. 

April 15-19

Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Wednesday, April 17

Grade 9 CPR Course from 8:15 a.m.-12:00 p.m. in the Gym

Thursday, April 18

– Grade 9 & 11 Science Class - Guest Speaker Dr. G. Gobbi

Monday, April 22

– Erev Passover

April 23-30

– Passover

Wednesday, April 24

DAY 5 at High School / Friday Schedule at Elementary School*

– *Grade 6 Students at the High School

Friday, April 26

– PED Day; No Classes

– High School Social Impact Program Day

Thursday, May 2

– Sound & Sight Jazz Night at the High School from 6:00-8:30 p.m. (RSVP

Students, please check out our student website for important links and calendars:  www.stgeorges.qc.ca/student