First Grade


Welcome to First Grade

We are looking forward to this school year and all of the exciting activities we will complete this year. In Language Arts we will work on letters sounds, reading, writing stories and practicing writing the letters. During math we learn addition and subtraction facts, shapes, counting money, and skip counting. We will learn about God and his creation during religion. We will also have the chance to participate in weekly masses a few times during the school year. In Science, we will study sound, light, sun, moon, birds, and baby animals. Our Social Studies curriculum highlights neighborhoods, communities, families, and holidays, traditions, and community leaders. We are a Leader in Me school. The children will work on the seven habits this school year.

First Grade Newsletter

First Grade Newsletter

Find out about the first grade curriculum.

First Grade Curriculum


  • Try your best

  • Listen to others

  • Be respectful of other students and adults

  • Be responsible with your supplies

  • Complete your work