Weekly Announcements

Announcements for the Week of October 15th - 19th

FALL WEATHER & RECESS: Now that cooler temps are upon us, parents, please make sure your children are dressed appropriately for outside recess. In looking ahead for this week, the temps do not rise above the lower-to-mid 50's, and it's always much cooler up on the hill. Although the winter uniforms have not come into play yet, please keep in mind we try to go outside for at least 20-25 minutes a day, and little legs get quite chilly during that time. Many students were very cold, even with their light-weight jackets/sweaters on last Friday. Thank you for helping us ALL stay healthy this fall and winter!! We're wiping down our desks with Clorox wipes DAILY to help prevent sickness in our room.

LIBRARY: Students, please remember to bring your library books to school each Monday. This is part of your weekend homework assignment. Parents, thank you for taking time out of your day to read to our class!

PROGRESS REPORTS: Last week's reports will come home on Monday. Please sign and return to school Tuesday.

SCRIP DRESS-DOWN WEDNESDAY: Students of families who purchased at least $100 of SCRIP cards during the month of September can dress-down on Wednesday. Please click on the link for a list of participating families. https://stfrancismorgantown.com/scrip-dress-down-wed-oct-17/

SCHOLASTIC SUMMER READING CHALLENGE CELEBRATION: Students who read the required minutes during the summer will get to participate in the reading celebration this Friday!! ALL SF students will attend the award ceremony in the gym at 12:30pm. Following the ceremony, students who met their summer reading goal will go on to planned activities for the remaining 90 minutes of the academic day.

PUMPKIN BOOK REPORT PROJECT: If your child has not shared the title of his/her book for this project with me, please make sure he/she does so early this week. This project is due Monday, Oct. 22nd. Please do not send pumpkins in prior to the due date as we do not have space to store them in the classroom. Thank you!

ALL SAINTS DAY: This very special feast day is quickly approaching!! On November 1st, second graders will participate in their final All Saints Day parade! Mrs. Downey created a signup genius for parents to volunteer to help with the party. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0e4cadab2baafc1-mrs1 In addition to dressing as a special saint, the boys and girls will spend time during religion class researching and learning about their saints of choice. This being said, Ms. Boczek and I are strongly encouraging families to select a saint your child has NOT dressed as in the past, one that he/she may not know as much about. Please keep in mind that this experience is not so much about the costume as it is about learning more about the Pius men and women we honor and admire every day in our religious faith. The costumes can be as simple as a robe, cape, or plain dress, with accessories specific to the saints. Students will bring home questions to answer about their saint this week. I ask that an adult assist in helping your child better understand the life of their chosen saint when completing the questions. We have several wonderful saint books in our school library, so if I know what saint your child will be researching, I can help with providing information. Please get those names to me by WEDNESDAY this week.

I-READY ONLINE MATH & IXL: A few of you have expressed issues with logging into iReady at home, and have inquired about doing IXL instead. While the students DO have an IXL account (for Language Arts), the school did NOT purchase the math IXL program this year since our new math series came with the online program, iReady. Ms. Boczek and I will continue to encourage students to complete at least 30 minutes of iReady at home each week, but we will also provide more time in school to complete lessons for those who can't get on at home (ex. when students finish their independent work and are waiting for others to finish, during inside recess, dismissal time). We have not yet assigned IXL Language Arts lessons for the students to complete at home. This will be something we utilize more for Snow Day work. In the event your child would like to do IXL at home, I will be sharing their login information with you at our conference this week.

ACCELERATED READER PROGRAM: The boys and girls are becoming familiar with how AR works in our classroom, and many have checked out book #2 to read over the weekend. We will speak more about AR at our conference this week, when I will provide you with the login information for you to log into your child's AR account to see what books he/she has read and the tests' scores.

WHITE FOLDERS: White folders will come home MONDAY with the last 2 weeks' graded assignments. My apologies for not getting the folders home last week. Please be sure to review the items with your child, empty the folder, and sign the piece of paper stapled inside. Folders should be returned the next school day. If you have any questions about any of the assignments, please don't hesitate to contact me.

OCTOBER BOOK BASH: This month's Book Bash theme is "Reading Camp Out!" On November 2nd, students who have read the required number of minutes, logged ALL weekly reading stories, read throughout the ENTIRE month, and turned in a signed reading log can bring their blankets and flashlights to enjoy a yummy s'mores snack by the campfire under the stars. If you would like to help with this month's celebration, we need graham crackers, Hersey bars, and large marshmallows sent to our room no later than Wed. Oct. 31st. Thank you for helping us develop a love of reading in your children!

WEEKLY MATH FACTS: Students were tested on DOUBLES facts last Friday. Students who passed should begin practicing +1's (1+1 up to 12+1). Students who did NOT pass will be retested Monday so that they may continue to stay on track with the class, and still test on +1s Friday. Please remember, in second grade we expect the boys and girls to quickly and accurately answer each fact the moment the card is shown. They are not given time to use their fingers or count up in their heads. We're testing for facts MASTERY. Math facts are NOT graded. If you would like to assist with testing the children on Friday mornings, please visit the following link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c054bacaf2cabfc1-mrs

SNACK SIGN-UP: Thank you, Schaefer family, for donating snacks this week!! As a reminder, students may bring their own snacks from home OR take a snack from our donated items. We continue working through our snack-time, so mess-free items are expected. Water bottles with a snap-closed lid may be kept at the desk AS LONG as they don't interfere with our instructional time due to too many restroom breaks. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080d4caaa92da02-1stsemester