Weekly Announcements

Announcements for Week 6 (Sep. 25-29, 2017)


White folders with the students’ graded / corrected work and school announcements for this past week came home on Friday. Please take a moment to review the pages with your child, empty the folder, sign the form stapled inside, and return to school on Monday. Your child's weekly progress report will be in this folder. The Progress report is returned every Monday!


Please make sure your child brings his/her library book back to school on Tuesday. AR books may also come home to log on reading log. We want the students to get used to testing when ready, as often as they are able!

SCRIP Information

Scrip forms go home every Friday. Students of families who purchased $100 or more of SCRIP, will be eligible to dress down on the appropriate designated day. I will post the link as the day approaches of approved families for dress down. Thank you for supporting our school through the purchase of SCRIP gift cards!!


Please be sure to assist your child in logging on to this wonderful program at your earliest convenience. The students have been assigned activities for this week’s spelling and vocabulary words already. As mentioned in the email, these activities are OPTIONAL for the time being, but highly encouraged as our weekly patterns become more challenging. If you have any trouble logging on, please let me know!


The Grandparent interview was sent home this past Thursday, please remind your child to do their BEST work as it will be displayed in the hallway. If you have not returned the required RSVP information and return at your earliest convenience so our Grandparents Day committee can plan accordingly. Mark your calendar, as this is an early dismissal day (11:30am). We look forward to visiting with all of our special guests soon!

The boys and girls in second grade will also begin preparing for our special Grandparents’ Day celebration this week! Students will need a pair of sunglasses and/or a baseball hat of some sort to wear during their performance on the 29th.


There are still many volunteer opportunities for you to participate in this year!! Please click on each link below to sign up for various weekly volunteer needs in the classroom. Thank you to Mrs. Oliverio and Mrs. Conroy for preparing the Sign-up Genius links for math facts and read alouds!

-Snack Donations: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080d4caaa92da02-1stsemester

-Read Alouds : http://www.signupgenius.com/go/508084aa5a72aa5f94-2ndgrade

-Math Facts: https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/20f0d4dada928a6ff2-mrs


Students who read the required minutes for the month and record their minutes on their logs will get to participate in a reading celebration at the end of each month! 😊 Our first theme is "Leaf Through a Good Book." In honor of Johnny Appleseed's birthday on September 26, students who read the required minutes (as noted on the form) will get to enjoy a yummy apple snack while we read our favorite books under the trees like Johnny used to! We hope for 100% participation, but students must read the required minutes, record their weekly reading stories from our reading series on their logs each week, and have a parent sign off each night. Logs are due the date of the Book Bash. If you would like to help with this month's celebration, we are in need of apple slices sent to our room NO SOONER than Wednesday, Sep. 27th.



Our two classes began combining this week for Religion. We are almost finished with Chapter 2 - Jesus Christ Gives Us the Church. We will then begin Chapter 3 - We Celebrate God's Love. Students will learn more about Jesus, the sacraments, and the ways we worship God. We are taking great detail to walk the children through the steps of Mass. This week we talked about the Old and New Testament readings during Mass.


Our story this week is, The Strongest One. This is the 5th story in Unit 1 of our reading series. Our theme for Unit 1 is “Exploration.” The genre of this story is A Play - with the comprehension skill of Realism and Fantasy. Realism and Fantasy take a closer look at stories that could really happen and stories that could never happen.

LA skills that will be covered this week include:

  • Vocabulary - Delicate, inquire, sturdy, exhibit, resist, often, dangerous, though, pieces, gone, together, very and learn. Each student will have an oral test on Thursday for a grade.
  • Phonics and Spelling skill - Consonant Digraphs. We will review the spelling rule for consonant digraphs. Two letters together, making ONE sound, such as CH, in CHIP.
  • 15 Spelling words - Bunch, that, wish, patch, when, what, math, them, shape whale, itch, chase, whiskers, switch, shrimp
  • Comprehension skills - Realism and fantasy. Understanding the difference of what could really happen and what could never happen.
  • Grammar skill - Recognizing commands and exclamations. We will have a quiz on Thursday.


We are nearly finished with Chapter 1 in our Math series, Applying Addition and Subtraction Concepts. In this chapter, students will: count on to add, identify doubles and near doubles, make a 10, add 3 numbers, write a number sentence to solve a problem, count back to subtract, subtract all and subtract zero, use doubles to subtract, relate addition and subtraction, identify missing addends and fact families, and solve two-step word problems. Vocabulary words for this chapter are: add, addend, count back, count on, difference, doubles, fact family, missing addend, near doubles, related facts, subtract, and sum.

**Chapter test is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, Sept 27, 2017.**

Students in second grade will be given nightly homework review pages in math. The page will allow your child to practice the concept taught in class that day. Parents, please be sure to look over your children's homework assignments each night, assuring questions were answered correctly. If you notice any concerns, be sure to let me know. A grade will be averaged from nightly homework scores.

This Friday, students will be tested on +3’s (1+3 up to 12+3). Flash cards were given out Friday and students made their own cards to practice with at home each day this week. Students are expected to know the answers to each fact QUICKLY and ACCURATELY the first time the card is held up. Counting up in their heads or on their fingers do not show mastery of facts, and students will need to retest the following week.


Social Studies - Continuing with Communities: As always our new weekly Language Arts story supports our Social Studies and Science standards. This week we will talk about maps, globes, and identify major geographical features. We will also discuss as how people search for understanding about the world by asking questions about themselves and their world. The Communities Unit will last approximately another 7 days. We will complete activities in class each day. A study guide will be answered in class at the conclusion of this unit, which will come home for parents to help their children prepare for the test.

Science - The Life Cycle of a Butterfly: A very special thank you to Mrs. Owen for providing our classes with live Monarch caterpillars to study!!! We're so excited to be able to experience the life cycle of a butterfly first hand, as true scientists in the field do!! We will spend the next several weeks learning about each stage of the life cycle and observing the changes taking place with our critters. We began writing observations in our scientific journals this week and will continue doing this throughout the year. We will be discussing the migration of our butterflies and why they migrate to certain geographical locations in the United States and Mexico.

Students will begin wearing their lab coats during science time this week! Be sure to visit our Shutterfly share site for pictures!