Weekly Announcements

Announcements for Week 32 (April 16-20, 2018)

April Showers bring May Flowers!

News and Info for 2nd Grade:

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - SCRIPT dress down day.

No morning packet or new spelling words this week.

  • If school is cancelled due to weather conditions, parents will get an email packet for complete for work

St. Francis has its own cancellation policy and you can sign up under the PRIVATE SCHOOLS tab to receive text messages from: https://wvde.state.wv.us/closings/

As a reminder, St. Francis follows its own cancellation policy!!!


White folders will come home on Monday with a packet of past work. Please take a moment to review the pages with your child, empty the folder, sign the form stapled inside, and return to school on Monday.

Your child's weekly progress report will come home in the green folder on Monday. The Progress report should be returned the following day.


Each student will be assigned an AR goal and will receive a fill in sheet to track progress. Students will continue logging all read material on the reading log. Your student knows how to fill out their individual log, parents then just initial for oversight. This log is part of their homework.

Library day is 4/17/2018. They must have books checked in to pick out new book. All students will AR test on this book.

Please make sure your child brings his/her library book back to school by Tuesday.

IXL Assignments

The April IXL check-off sheet will be in the student green folder. The check-off sheet are all skills in which have been covered this school year. To stay sharp on these skills it is recommended students practice the standard.

SCRIP Information

Scrip forms go home every Friday. Students of families who purchased $100 or more of SCRIP, will be eligible to dress down on the appropriate designated day. I will post the link as the day approaches of approved families for dress down. Thank you for supporting our school through the purchase of SCRIP gift cards!!


Please be sure to assist your child in logging on to this wonderful program at your earliest convenience. The students have been assigned activities for this week’s spelling and vocabulary words already. As mentioned in the email, these activities are OPTIONAL for the time being, but highly encouraged as our weekly patterns become more challenging. If you have any trouble logging on, please let me know!

CLASSROOM SIGN-UPS - New Year sign-ups!

There are still many volunteer opportunities for you to participate in this year!! Please click on each link below to sign up for various weekly volunteer needs in the classroom.

-Snack Donations: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080d4caaa92da02-1stsemester

-Read Alouds : http://www.signupgenius.com/go/508084aa5a72aa5f94-2ndgrade

-Math Facts: https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/20f0d4dada928a6ff2-mrs

APRIL Book Bash is scheduled and information is in student green folder.

Reading logs are attached in your students green folder. Logging the minutes and keeping track of adding minutes (math skill) is part of homework, your students know if they missed more than once logging minutes they will not be allowed to participate in the bash!

Students must read the required minutes to participate in the special reading celebration!

**Reading logs will be attached to green homework folders. Logs should remain attached for the duration of the month. I review logs daily and count minutes - this is part of homework. Don't forget to log our weekly story, AR books, library books, supplemental readers (that complement our weekly story) and even news papers.**

😊 We hope for 100% participation, but students must read the required minutes, record their weekly reading stories from our reading series on their logs each week, and have a parent sign off each night.



Our two classes began combining for Religion. I

Please also remember if your child is planning on celebrating his/her First Holy Communion, please find out when formation classes at your church begin. If students do not participate in the classes, they will not be able to celebrate this Sacrament in the spring.


Story: Helen Keller and the Big Storm

LA skills that will be covered this week include:

  • Phonics and Spelling skill - oo, ue, ew and ui
  • Spelling words: too, new, fruit, blue, true, cool, suit, spoon, clue, juice, drew, flew, cruise, nephew, shampoo
  • Comprehension skills -
  • Grammar skill - Adverbs: That tell how the action verb is done - usually ending in ly.
  • Oral vocab quiz; Wednesday, April 18, 2018
  • Spelling Flashcards due Tuesday morning.
  • IXL Lang. Arts Standards: Lang Arts: S.6, S.7


Chapter 10 - Time

Vocabulary: Analog clock, digital clock, hour, hour hand, half hour, minute, minute hand, quarter hour

IXL Standards: Q.1-Q.11

Students in second grade will be given nightly homework review pages in math. The page will allow your child to practice the concept taught in class that day. Parents, please be sure to look over your children's homework assignments each night, assuring questions were answered correctly. If you notice any concerns, be sure to let me know. A grade will be averaged from nightly homework scores.

Math facts - we will begin to do timed 25 question quizzes during the week for mastery recall on math facts.

April 16-20, 2018 - Random basic math facts, addition 0 to 12 (+). Once your student has mastered the quiz, he or she will not have to take the remaining practice quizzes. Students are expected to know the answers to each fact QUICKLY and ACCURATELY. Counting up in their heads or on their fingers do not show mastery of facts, and students will need to retest the following week. Students will be given one minute to complete 25 basic math facts.


Social Studies - Government Chapter. As always our new weekly Language Arts story supports our Social Studies and Science standards. This week we will practice the components of personal responsibility and self control. We will recognize figures of authority figures. We will continue to talk about compassion, honesty and trustworthiness. We will also complete activities in class each day. A study guide will be answered in class at the conclusion of this unit, which will come home for parents to help their children prepare for the test. Due to the complexity and length of the chapter, we will be breaking the Chapter up into two assessments.

Science - We began making our solar ovens to dry our pulp sculptures. I will be posting pictures very soon. Thanks

Animals: We began writing observations in our scientific journals and will continue doing this throughout the year. We'll observe and compare simple models of different kinds of habitats, including forests and streams. We will identify structures of physical characteristics of living things and we'll begin our Animal chapter of our science book. We will wrap up our Penguin Projects and have an exciting hands on experiment watching the Darkling Beetle metamorphosis.

Francis our class Beta fish is busy making our natural fertilizer water for our plants in the classroom. The worms enjoyed the banana peel, spinach and cabbage this week. We were able to watch the worms carry bits of the food to the bottom of the tank.

The website for the plant cam in case your student misplaced the paper is: https://thingspeak.com/channels/328372

Be sure to visit our Shutterfly share site for pictures!