Grand Teton

Other routes I've climbed on the Grand Teton
Owen-Spalding to Upper Exum Ridge (low 5th)    •    Complete Exum Ridge (5.7)    •    Complete Exum Ridge w/ Gold Face 2023 (5.10a)        North Ridge (5.8)    •    Grand Traverse (12 summits, up to 5.8, 18 miles)
Category: Wyoming (Tetons)Summit Elev: 13,770 ftRock Type: Gneiss & Schist
Date: September 7&8, 2007 (Fri&Sat)Trip Report #: 52Partners: Willie Wakinshaw, Marco, Lorna

Route: Upper Exum (low 5th)

My cousin Lisa and I had planned on climbing the Direct Exum, but upon seeing the mountain, Lisa decided that the Grand Teton was too ambitious for her. I hiked up there anyway, in hopes of finding a partner, and ended up joining a group of 3 other climbers. We did not do the classic Direct Exum, but we had a fun climb nonetheless. 

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